7 signs which show you’re not in the right place


At the beginning of the year, you are asking yourself questions about your career.What if you were wrong? Explanations of a coach on the signals to be spotted.

You have been in this position for 5 years. In the beginning, everything was fine but, the more years pass, the more you feel something going, without really knowing what it is … And if you were not in the right place? Back on the signs are unmistakable with Agathe Derbin, coach specializing in transitions career and conversions

1 – You are not able to explain your job

When asked what you do in life, you kindly dodge the question. Worse, you run away … Of course, to make your entourage understand your mission in the world of finance is not easy. But, the “artistic vagueness” that you maintain may mean something else: you yourself have trouble understanding your job. It is therefore time to change.

2 – You’re ashamed of your job

Always the social evenings during which you are asked “and you? You do what in life? “, You carefully avoid answering because you are ashamed … If you work for the Public Treasury, you understand one (very) little bit. But do not forget … The adage of your mother, “Do what you want, but do it with integrity” is still valid today. Either you change the dairy, or you assume 100%.

3 – You denigrate your boss

It has been some time since the least of his decisions exasperated you. You doubt its legitimacy for this function. Worse, you think you do better than him … “Many executives are seeking an N + 1 to admire, someone who draws up the will advance, much like a mentor ,” says the coach. If your new boss does not find grace in your eyes, maybe it’s time to move.

4 – You no longer recognize yourself in your company

“I hear more and more people tell me that they no longer recognize themselves in the values ​​of their society, that it no longer makes sense, says Agathe Derbin, but it is important that the work agrees To its ideals. “If you work in the oil sector while you dream of creating a clean car, a conversion may be considered.

5 – You have not woven links

One year after your first day of work, you have still not succeeded in building relationships with your colleagues. The atmosphere does not suit you, you can make efforts, it does not stick. “Integration with her employees plays a lot in a job: age difference, interest in her job, corporate culture … Everything comes into play,” she explains. So flee without regret.

6 – The Impostor’s Syndrome

Do not trust your work? Do you consider that you do not deserve your place professionally? Stop, you suffer from the impostor syndrome. “Not giving value to one’s job can simply mean that one is not in the right place. This can lead to the famous ball in the belly of Sunday night, “reveals the coach.

7 – You “snooze” every morning

If press “snooze” on your alarm clock is not very good for the quality of your sleep , it is even less motivation to face your work days. If you can not get up in the morning, it can be a matter of weariness and this job does not suit you anymore. It is always time to change.

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