9 skills which will help you all your life


FOCUS – In the midst of thousands of skills, some are universal and will work in your favor no matter what situation you are in. Le Figaro has compiled these essential qualities.

“If I decided to introduce myself to this presidential election is that I understood that I could never be Bruce Springsteen ,” said President Barack Obama his wife Michelle after a concert at the rockstar New York, reported the magazine Rolling Stone in 2008. A wit and humor that reflects the personality of the outgoing US president. It is a fact: he will never be Bruce Springsteen, who has skills that many envy him. Conversely, Obama also has skills that Springsteen and many others would like to have.
No one can boast of being perfect. The ideal profile with all the skills for all activities and in all cultures does not exist. According to our figures, our choice of career, the skills required are different … Is it still the skills that are safe values, essential in any context of life everyday? This is the question that was asked on Quora and relayed by the website Business Insider . Naturally, the answer is positive. Here are ten universal skills, “queen” skills, that will help you to the end of your career … and your life.

1 – Empathy. It is a quality that is lost in the world of work and the modern business … And yet it is a base of which every human being should be provided. “You can be the most disciplined, brilliant, or rich person, but if you do not care about others and you are incapable of socializing, then you’re just a sociopath,” writes Kamia Taylor on Quora .

2 – Manage your time. Ability to manage minutes, hours, and any deadline without stress is essential in achieving personal and professional projects. Fortunately, by working on yourself, it is possible to find a system and reflexes that suit you. “The hardest thing for me to learn was how to plan,” writes Alina Grzegorzewska on Quora.

3 – Dare to ask for help. Too often, out of pride and fear of passing for an incompetent or weak, we prefer to be silent rather than ask for a helping hand to his entourage … Big error. It is precisely to remain in the blur and to do badly that will have more chances to be detrimental to you. The proof: according to this study of the Harvard Business Review , when you ask for help or information to anyone, you validate the same time its expertise and know-how. This person will be flattered by your question.

4 – “Send flowers” to yourself. We are all looking for recognition. Unfortunately, compliments often do not flourish as much as critics and admonitions. This is how. When things go wrong, we talk about them, but when things are going well, we are silent … Too bad! To satisfy this lack, do not hesitate to attribute yourself compliments. “Finally, what others think of you does not matter. The most important thing is what you think about yourself, “says Shobhit Singhal on Quora.

5 – Know how to keep quiet. Nervousness, annoyance, complaint … The temptation to come forward to send positive signals is sometimes great! However, knowing to be silent when it is necessary is an essential quality. The proof that never regretted a posteriori for speaking on a given subject, letting himself be carried by its spontaneity? As the proverb says, “silence is golden.”

6 – Listen to others. Knowing to be silent is one thing. Listening to others is another … If you can not, it’s never too late to learn! A little advice for active listening? Repeat what you have just heard to your interlocutor. A mimicry that may seem redundant but which ensures that you have listened – and therefore understood – what you are told.

7 – Honesty. A total transparency of your thoughts towards others can sometimes give rise to embarrassing situations. But honesty is a vital skill for moving forward. This is also the motto of the COO of Facebook , Sheryl Sandberg, who was actually one of the principles of sound management . “Advancing the people through to the positive and negative reviews, unfiltered,” said she told Business Insider .

8 – To learn a new language. Speaking several languages ​​has always been an asset, if only to make people understand when traveling or increasing their professional opportunities. The difficulties – and the reluctance – of the French to speak English is a sufficient example to highlight the phenomenon! But to speak a new language, one must dare. Dare to be interested in a new culture, new emotions, ways of thinking. It takes work!

9 – Speaking in public. Whether at a dinner, a meeting, or whenever you have to speak to an audience, being able to express yourself with clarity and eloquence is an essential quality that can only do you good. If some people get there very easily, it is a real phobia for many people. US billionaire Warren Buffett reveals in his biography that he was so terrified of public speaking that it made him vomit. The key to overcoming this fear: “Practice. We must dare to start. And by dint of effort and perseverance, it ends up paying. ”

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