9 Steps to Develop Inbound Marketing Strategy


You have decided to adopt the inbound marketing within your business. Whether your priority is to improve your reputation or energize your sales, take your business from a purely traditional marketing with modern marketing that generates industrial way of leads is not improvised. Here we are trying to deliver nine points of attention that will help you develop a strategy for successful inbound marketing:

Provide context and analyze the market

Before you launch headlong into the implementation of your digital marketing activities, it is important to ask yourself some questions. Your targets are they easy to reach through this, what are the devices that your competitors offer? What are the key figures in your industry and where you are heading? By asking yourself these questions and by drawing up an inventory, you get an idea of the task ahead and the efforts you need to deploy to move forward. Take this opportunity to take stock of all you go to use and is already in your hands: your partners, contact databases, brochures … you need to read!

Set clear goals & KPIs

If one does not know where one is going, it is unlikely to happen. It is absolutely vital that you set SMART goals for your campaigns so that you can measure your performance and correct the shooting en route if necessary. For starters, you can measure your traffic and your existing conversion rate and applying a coefficient of realistic increase adapted to the real business of your business objectives. Once you have found the course, you can then implement the necessary actions to reach your target result, number of leads or sales expected business. Register it in a suitable period of time.

Conduct a thorough analysis of buyer personas

One of the most fundamental points of your strategy is understanding your target or buyer personas. Who are they ? You will need to respond very precisely to this issue to determine the elements that will be able to attract to your website and convert them into contact. This study will be based on feedback from the commercial, an interview, your experience … and it will pack all the actions that you will implement. More and more you advance you implement actions within your marketing automation software, the more you clear ideas about the typical profile of your clients. The inbound marketing is a continuous improvement of history!

Choose a Content Marketing Strategy effective

The content is the cornerstone of your strategy. Without it, you will have nothing to say on social networks and you will have no way to attract visitors to you. Worse, you can not convince them to give you their contact information if they are not yet ready to make a purchase. Your marketing automation system will run empty and you will not have enough to succeed in your mission. So plan to invest in content marketing or recycle existing content to cover all stages of the sales cycle your own buyer personas. In this context, prepare premium content such as white papers, case studies, guides … but also dynamic content like blog posts. A must have to attract and convert!

Refine your SEO & SEA approach

What keywords to use for your draw to you the right prospects? Which keywords should you capitalize for your Adwords campaigns? This is directly related to your editorial and you should pay close attention. Google can send you a colossal traffic!


Conduct design & technical adjustments

Good inbound marketing strategy is based on an effective website to generate audience and convert customers. In this sense, your website should be optimized for the search engines and to convert visitors into contacts. You definitely realize here that some adjustments are needed.

Engage your Social Media Marketing

You certainly have already implemented actions on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. To put these tools to work for your inbound marketing strategy, you will regularly share blog content or landing pages from your communities. In this way, you will go directly generate business opportunities on social networks that act as content amplifiers. If we add some alerts on your keywords and your contacts, you will be ready to beef up your inbound campaigns.

Deploy a strategy of Lead Nurturing

Through a marketing automation software like HubSpot, you can automate much of the process of segmentation and reminders of your contacts. To install this device in good conditions, you will identify segmentation rules, scoring and imagine scenarios emailing to turn your contacts into leads, then MQLs and maybe more! The detailed understanding of your sales cycle is essential for you to succeed in this project.

Set up your SLA & control your alignment Sales

However much you generate hundreds or even thousands of leads every month, if you do not collaborate effectively with the commercial department of your company … it is useless! In this sense, it is important to manage the relationship between marketing and sales and above all to clarify the objectives of each. A good CRM integration with HubSpot and using Sidekick for business will be very useful to make effective communication.

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Paul Morris

Paul Morris is an entrepreneur, consultant and author. He is an advisor at Xpert Automation, a tech-based business incubator focused on scalable startups, and founder of ContentFy.


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