Why becoming rich will not make you stop working


FOCUS – Having a job is not just a way to make money. However, some have only one goal: to become rich … to be able to stop working. Yet, according to a study by the University of Florida, our job satisfaction comes mainly from non-monetary sources

“Ah, if I were rich,” say some with a dreamy look imagining an idyllic life dotted with paradise beaches and other dream trips. It is even a classic theme for discussion between friends or colleagues. “What would you do if you were rich?” The answers vary. But very often, this dreamed life passes through a total stoppage of work … Both are linked. Become rich, then stop working. Yet the action of work each day is not (only) a way to earn money . It is also a means of self-fulfillment.

If this desire to “become rich” remains a dream for some, others have succeeded. Sometimes very quickly. In an article, the BBC has collected the testimony of a contractor of Silicon Valley – who prefers that his comments remain anonymous – who has experienced a meteoric rise. Very quickly, it earned several tens of millions of dollars. A tidy sum, synonymous – he thought – a radical change of life. After meticulously studying the question of placing a part of these millions of euros, he decides to leave a year on a trip to enjoy life.

Work, a spine of life

This year of traveling and other “frivolous things” passing by, an unsuspected reality emerged when Keith *, 35, returned to a daily without work. “I felt unhappy. I had no structure around me, and I had completely lost sight of what was my goal in life, everything had become complex. So I started looking for a new job, “says one who has always been convinced that he was only working to earn money. “I was wrong. There is more than money in job satisfaction, “he admits after a year of idleness, spending the money raised in all these few years.

There are many examples, however, of revealing that wealth is not synonymous with early retirement. The bosses of web giants are the paragons like, why the hell Mark Zuckerberg ( Facebook ) or Jeff Bezos ( Amazon ) they continue to work despite billions of dollars in your pocket? Because challenge and projects are essential to the balance of a life. A study by the University of Florida, in the long term, our job satisfaction comes mainly from non-monetary sources relationships with others, ability to think and carry out projects that make sense, exercise leadership .. “Money reigns over our happiness much weaker than we think,” says therapist Jamie Traeger-Muney at the BBC.

Last reason this need to perform an activity: the social status . The answer to the question “what are you doing?” Is important in a lifetime. And if the answer is “I did this and that”, designating activities from the past, it is likely to become unbearable. “Yes, but it was a long time ago. What are you doing now? “If the answer is” nothing, “then you are no longer on any scale. It’s like you’ve completely disappeared from the traffic. “It takes time to think about new goals, new activities, which will give you the same satisfaction you experienced in the first place,” says therapist Jamie Traeger-Muney.

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