Career: women do not dare to confess their ambitions to men


Lying on her job for fear of being judged solely by her social status, something more and more common to avoid provoking the complex of male inferiority.

What if personal relationships hindered women’s professional ambitions? American and Swedish researchers, through two studies relayed by Slate , analyzed the behavior of working women and their desire to evolve. According to their work, it would appear that men are the main factor influencing women’s ambitions.

A first study conducted in December 2016 , the United States, by three economists, surveyed 1880 students, of which 30% are young women newly enrolled in a business school. Each student was asked to respond to a survey in two versions: a totally anonymous test and one whose answers would then be made public. US researchers have found that women lower their wage ambitions when they know that their envy will be known to all.

The second survey , conducted by two Swedish Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne proves also that the progression of women’s career night in their personal lives. To identify the link between cause and effect, researchers compared the divorce rate of political figures in the country who obtained seats in parliament, and those who lost the elections. Scientists have discovered that women taking positions in politics or economics are at greater risk of divorce, their number increasing once they are elected.


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