How influential are trends?

How influential are trends?

Everything which is new in the society comes up with a lot of opinions and that new thing which is introduced is known as a special trend. Trends always play a special role in the society and they affect the living style of the people as well. In a last survey, they select almost ten fastest selling garments among all the types of clothing and saw that in what type of garments every retailer is investing and how are people responding to their investments. That shows us the whole picture of what is going on in the garments industry all around the world and how these trends have taken place in our lives.

Let us see some of the very famous trends going on these days:


In last year’s May, fringed products were featured on the most sellout garments like Zara, Neiman Marcus and H&M. Fringing was seen about 27,703 times by online users in the month of May. From the last one year before this, there was no such demand of such trends but with these fringes and black dresses, the whole of the demand was changed and this new trend was set up in the society. And still, 361 new such products have been introduced in the market.

Dipped hems:

The trend of dipped hems may seem to be a difficult trend to stop in the society but that is just because of the consumers of dipped hems and even the retailers didn’t stop to buy these hems. Sometimes cap sleeved and sometimes sleeveless makes these even more attractive and have given so much sales to the Outfitters, Forever21, H&M and many other leading stores as well.

Tribal prints:

Tribal prints are also known as the Aztec prints and these prints are nowadays being advertised by famous celebrities like Rihanna and Jessie J. these tribal prints are among the leading prints on H&M, Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Tribal prints include a body con dress and a maxi dress which are being worn a lot these days as well. These prints have really made a difference in the garment industry.

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