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Tactical Adviser Job Explanation




Target setting up is an important element of a corporation’s development plan. It could be possibly a small term target of 1 or 2 years or a long lasting goal, prolonged to 5 or 10 years. Using a distinct business expertise, eager knowledge about the marketplace and economic system and fantastic systematic abilities, strategic advisers assist a company to fulfill its goals. Ultimately, they support the leading management, senior business owners and panel of administrators, to chalk out methods of extending the business, developing the corporation and getting it to upcoming level.

Job Explanation of a Tactical Adviser: Tactics start with concepts. To develop a concept, one requires research and creativeness. To give ingenuity a realistic form, one requires planning. It is even more heightened by suitable managing methods and utilizing all the sources a company has. Perfect planning when complies with outstanding execution prospects to the miracle known as achievements. Form the helm of most arranged managing procedures, can be found the mind of a tactical adviser. Work responsibilities of a tactical manager include:

  • Collect, manage, separate out and keep information for successful decision making.
  • Maintain a observe report of what is proceeding on within the business, keep track of reasonably competitive developments, advise adjustments in strategies to control and nil in on industry possibilities.
  • Estimate or instead via very careful investigation, recommend techniques as how company hazards can be eradicated.
  • Enhance central business strategies by performing an appropriate market study and comprehension of the external market.
  • Organizing cost management procedure and economical plans for company’s item progression. Economists study is the essential to propagate finances in an organized approach.

Strategic advisers are the important individuals within the administration conference rooms who have a whole lot to say in conditions of solution of procedures. They do the job specifically with Business owners, administration heads to prepare finest techniques.

Knowledge to Turn into a Strategist: There is practically no restricting on the level and the opportunity of education and learning necessary for turning into a strategic plan. Although a 4-year college and master’s education in business administration is essential to have an understanding of the basic principles of management and business, a Master of business administration from leading B-schools can help in obtaining worldwide visibility of the world of business. Just in case you’re ready to turn into a strategist, you’ve to invest adequate time within an industry. At basic postures, MBAs function as helpers to senior strategists and by the help of them in analysis and research work. Strategic organizers have a powerful hold inside the organization’s decision-making. It is their choices that understand the gusts of wind of altering in the industry to consider instant steps to conform to modifications. The way Apple Company surpasses its competitors is not merely by means of absolute technological know-how However, also because of its outstanding strategy. One requires identifying a particular sector and should search for comprehensive expertise within it. There are actually no monotonous responsibilities in the function of a tactical planner.

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How to Make Successful Career in Human Resources




Preparing for a career in human resources requires attaining the right qualifications. Along with a good academic background, a candidate also needs to have the right professional qualifications. What qualifications should you work for before applying for HR jobs? Professional qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Management (CIPD) can give you a head start in your career.

What are the advantages of working for a CIPD qualification? Here is a brief overview.

Employers look for candidates with, or at least working to get, CIPD qualifications. Therefore, if you have this qualification, it becomes easier for you to find appropriate jobs in the HR sector with ease.

Whether you are beginning your career or working towards a promotion, the different levels of awards, diplomas and certificate courses make it possible to meet your specific requirements.

The focus of the CIPD qualifications is to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work towards building sustainable success for a business. Therefore, with such a qualification, a candidate is capable of attaining success for a business organisation.

Whether you want to specialise in learning and development, personnel management, or any other branch, the CIPD qualifications prepares you for success. Moreover, it is easier to explore the study paths if you begin with the strong foundation that these courses prepare.

If you want to work towards achieving the CIPD professional membership as an Associate, a Chartered Member or even as a Chartered Fellow, these courses provide you with the appropriate and adequate knowledge necessary for these.

Another benefit of getting these qualifications from the CIPD is that they boost your earning potential considerably. Whether you are starting in the HR sector or have years of experience in this field, these qualifications help in getting lucrative job opportunities.

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels of studies are available from CIPD. You can opt for full time, part time or distance learning courses from colleges, universities, study centres and so on. This ensures flexibility for working individuals.

Along with good academic and professional qualifications, you also need to have certain skills that will help you become a success in the human resource field. Competent communication skill, written and oral, is an essential trait for a candidate. Good computer skill is also necessary, as the majority of organisations are dependent on computers for handling their day-to-day business processes.

Organisational capability is also important for success in this field. Experience in office work may be of considerable help, especially if you have a clear idea about handling administrative responsibilities. A friendly but firm manner will help you maintain the balance between employer and employees. Attention to details, accuracy and confidentiality are also essential skills you need to have to succeed as an HR professional.

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How To Improve Your Career




Whether your career is going swimmingly or you are struggling with it, there are always ways to improve your career. However, I would say that for those of you who feel de-motivated at the moment the following tips might be more relevant. My recommendation to clients who want to seek a different career or job would always be to try your very best first; if that does not do the trick, take the next step and consider a career change as you must find how to improve your career effectively.

The following tips are aimed at those engaged in a “regular”, corporate job but can easily be applied to those who are self-employed; just think of any working relationship you engage in on a regular basis when I talk about “work relationships”.

Tip 1: Be very careful about the way you are communicating

Specially when giving feedback. How often do you sit through a presentation or a meeting, thinking: this is boring, irrelevant, poorly prepared, etc.? Do these emotions show when you provide feedback? I bet they do. While I don´t want to ask you to be dishonest and pretend you liked something you clearly didn´t, keep in mind that the presenters spent their time preparing and delivered to the best of their ability. The fact that it was not up your standards or liking does not mean the others viewed it the same way. To be a good communicator means to acknowledge everybody´s effort first and then express your disagreement or give honest feedback. If you manage to infuse even the most negative feedback with kindness, your opinions will be respected and appreciated. Being in this position on a consistent basis is a huge career enhancement.

Tip 2: Avoid taking on so much responsibility that you become a “martyr” in your job

For any career development it is important that you do your tasks diligently and don´t shy away from additional responsibilities. Be aware, though, to not take this willingness too far. When you start feeling that you do too much for others and that they take advantage of you, stop. Re-evaluate your position, re-define the responsibilities you are prepared to accept and then communicate your findings with those whom it might concern. If you do that in a very concise and non-defensive manner (see Tip 1), you will display nothing but pure leadership qualities and again, gain more respect than if you carry on, complain and eventually burn out.

Tip 3: Listening is as important as speaking

You might always be able to contribute with a relevant point and be “heard” in every discussion but if you don´t know how to listen, your career progression might be rather slow. Remember that most people like to be listened to and if you manage to satisfy that need, they will appreciate it. Beware, though, that you don´t overdo it (see Tip 2) and repeatedly miss your turn to talk. Finding the right balance between speaking and listening is a skill that requires mastering. Start by being aware of your ratio of talking versus listening and then proceed to balance it.

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Cheap Outsourcing Secrets to Work Smart




If you are into Internet Marketing or Marketing in general, one of the ways i work smart is by using Cheap Outsourcing Secrets to Work Smart for all the tedious tasks that are time consuming and take away focus from taking care of your customers. For those that have not heard the term Outsourcing, here is the official definition :

Outsourcing Outsourcing is the process of contracting a business function to someone else.

Now when it comes to Cheap Outsourcing Secrets, the thing you want to consider are the following:
1.Finding a person that understands the English Language, can follow direction and can work on a time deadline.
2.Being able to get a Hold of your Outsource person via Skype, whatsapp, etc, multiple ways besides just email.
3.Price!! There are so many people out there doing this here in the USA, and world wide that you can find someone good and affordable if you do some research and homework.

Where are some good places to get and use these Cheap Outsourcing Secrets?

Here are some basic sites that i have used to get jobs done in the past, to include :

  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • SEOClerks
  • Guru Employer

For myself in using these sites for work that myself or my clients needed for Graphic Design, Coding, Website Builds, Blogging, Installing Plug Ins, to doing work for me with my Internet Marketing thru Social Media , backlinking , etc. I have had to go thru trial and error as well, and have had my share of bad experiences with Outsourcers that I had a hard time communicating, don’t understand, or simply just do a poor job. With that i wanted to find a resource that i could go to, to find a Good Quality Team that i can build of different outsourcers that have specific skill sets such as Coding, programming, graphic design, social media, internet-marketing, etc.

For me , I believe in getting the best talent out there from all over the World, at the best possible price. In using Cheap Outsourcing Secrets and the Outsourcing Blitzkrieg 2.0. this will help you get the best talent to help you whatever you need, whether it be internet marketing help , graphic design, or article and blogging. I know for myself, I am good at helping people find solutions and have success but horrible at working on the computer. Use these Cheap Outsourcing Secrets to Help you work smart without breaking the bank.

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How to Plan a Business Meeting




Meetings thrown together without proper planning can turn the opportunity for productive decision making into a waste of valuable company time. To make the most of your working hours, ensure that all meetings are carefully considered and planned out. By preparing for these gatherings ahead of time, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and successful.

Instructions :

1 – Set a clearly defined goal for the meeting as well as a benchmark for success. You should know ahead of time exactly what you plan to discuss as well as what decisions need to be made. This information will help to keep everyone on track and provide you with a clear determination at the end of the meeting as to whether or not you have met your goal.

2 – Create an agenda. Include every topic to be discussed along with a set time allotment for each. Send a copy of the agenda to all participants several days before the meeting to allow for revisions if necessary. If an attendee does not request the addition of another agenda item in a timely fashion, that item will not be addressed in the meeting. Do not allow for last-minute changes unless absolutely necessary as these can destroy the productive flow of the meeting.

3 – Book an appropriate meeting space. Provide enough seating for the attendees to be comfortable, but avoid rooms that are excessively large. For small meetings, an intimate round-table setting will keep conversation flowing. For larger presentations with a small number of speakers, it may be more productive to utilize a classroom setting with tables and chairs facing forward toward a single presenter.

4 – Gather all necessary information and supplies at least one day prior to the meeting. This includes important reports, slide shows and other media necessary for the gathering. You should also arrange for any equipment you may need to set up for the meeting such as a projector, laptop or speakers.

5 – Arrive to the meeting at least ten minutes early to set up the room and ensure that everything is in place such as enough copies of reports or handouts for every attendee plus a few extras for those who want to share the information with others, if appropriate. Start the meeting on time and do not wait for late attendees. This will encourage participants to arrive on time in the future and will avoid the common pitfall of running late.

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How to Get Secured Short Term Business Loan




A short term business loan helps you to overcome the small finance amount which is needed in emergency situation of the company.  Short term business loan is provided for monetary assistance which helps to face your business expenses. There is no need for the collateral security for these short term business loans. It will help you to meet out your needs in purchasing the raw materials, clearing the old debts, servicing tools and machinery, installation and for paying wages for workers.

Based on your requirement lender will sanction the amount which ranges from five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars.  Repayment period for these types of loan is too short and the span is about five to ten years. As the loan is sanctioned without security along with the small repayment period, interest rate will be charged with high rate margins.

Secured business loans suits for the people who has a plan to start new business. It is very difficult to meet out the requirements in starting a new business. He or she has purchase the raw material, pay wages where the business person has to pay for the license which is very expensive. Best solution to overcome these entire problems is lending the loan which provides the funds to meet our requirements.

Secured business loans are the best among the loans. Main benefit of this loan is lower interest rate.  Only asset is required as security to get this loan. You can approach the bank or any other financial institute to get this loan.

You have to choose the bank based on the business loan interest rate.  Reliable bank will help you in meeting out your requirement in terms of long term, which includes building up the inventory and expansion. You need to research for the bank which will provide full support for your business.

After paying the bank loan you have to show the bank about the risk which you have taken to balance your business. So the same bank may offer different business loan interest than the last time. You must submit the strong financial statement as you have repaid the loan amount successfully to the same bank. In case of expansion of business bank will credit rating which is based on your repayment period. If your credit rating is high, then you can ask for big amount from the banks.

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Small-Business Grants for Women




Funding for small businesses would be the solution for elevate the new business

Among of several we would discuss two main liable sources in details to help business owner for getting the grants / funds.
1 – Government equity firms
2 – Private equity firms
both of the above mentioned sources are highly concerning in growing business.


Explore the details about government grants at federal website there you will find comprehensive information to begin new business you will also find interesting happenings and feedback from a range of user community in related forums. If you are looking / applying for government grants you are required to follow the instructions in respect to all of the recommended guidelines and deadlines.


This is an excellent source of grant for the small business. Usually organizations give more funds to the charity for the compensation of their tax they have the base for the trust or to funding the new business.
You need to hire an individual having some experience in processing grants in order to obtain funds from the private foundation grants because it is not easy to have the loan from private equities whereas getting the loan for your business from government equities is rather easier. You can search out various details from Big G (Google) for having grant and this way you may save some money as you don’t need to recruit / hire a person for guidance.
Small business loan for women is very casual in the business universe which is provided via merchant cash advance; an easier way of getting loan in comparison with other traditional route.

Merchant advance loan are offered to small businesses. Small business loan for women are presented on different basis. Getting the conventional loans are depend on the credit score though the merchant cash advances which based on credit card sales the approval process is extremely fast and simple and also pretty straightforward, may be a question come to your mind that why ? The reason is that there is no need of complicated documentation or the collateral / guarantee or the responsibility to concentrate on. If 51% or even more of the business share is used by the women then the business is generally meditate as a women-owned business. This percent enable to get many attractive business grants. The most common basis for why lots of the small business owners want to use up this way rather than getting loan from an acclaimed bank is ‘Business grants need to not be return’. According to Current researches which imply / demonstrate that up to 75 % women entrepreneur is succeeding in business than men.
Some of essential factors to be looked at before getting small grants loan for women.

  • Make a definite and realistic plan for your business
  • Execute a comprehensive research on grant
  • Get the services of a professional who has substantial knowledge in grant
  • Explore the internet to obtain more information.
  • SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) is one of premium selection for obtaining a business grants for women.

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Career: women do not dare to confess their ambitions to men




Lying on her job for fear of being judged solely by her social status, something more and more common to avoid provoking the complex of male inferiority.

What if personal relationships hindered women’s professional ambitions? American and Swedish researchers, through two studies relayed by Slate , analyzed the behavior of working women and their desire to evolve. According to their work, it would appear that men are the main factor influencing women’s ambitions.

A first study conducted in December 2016 , the United States, by three economists, surveyed 1880 students, of which 30% are young women newly enrolled in a business school. Each student was asked to respond to a survey in two versions: a totally anonymous test and one whose answers would then be made public. US researchers have found that women lower their wage ambitions when they know that their envy will be known to all.

The second survey , conducted by two Swedish Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne proves also that the progression of women’s career night in their personal lives. To identify the link between cause and effect, researchers compared the divorce rate of political figures in the country who obtained seats in parliament, and those who lost the elections. Scientists have discovered that women taking positions in politics or economics are at greater risk of divorce, their number increasing once they are elected.


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Work: the methods to keep self-confidence in all circumstances




In many professional situations self-confidence is almost necessary. But it can be put to the test. Our solutions to preserve it.

You hold a position of responsibility, you manage a team of several collaborators, you are dealing with clients sometimes dissatisfied, you must sell a great idea in a meeting, you pass an individual interview of evaluation … In all these cases, the confidence is paramount.Unfortunately, it is not always there. It’s hard for you to admit it, but sometimes you lose it. Which is never very comfortable. So how do you get back on top when you need it the most?

“This means that you realize that your confidence falters and that you will do everything to restore” said Anna Piot, therapist and coach. According to her, there are “tools” to pass these moments of “inner insecurity” in the best conditions. As for Isabelle Mashola, founder and president of Isahit (Internet platform that aims to help reduce poverty in the world), and Dominique Brogi, president of Meetphone (publisher of mobile applications), they share their experience Faced with such situations.


“Nothing can be defended if confidence is not there,” says Dominique Brogi. It must have really pegged to the body when, as for her, multiple decisions to be taken throughout the day. It may happen to him to undergo criticisms, to pass through moments of turbulence in the presence of customers. But it never breaks down. His secret? “I do not consider that these are personal attacks for the simple reason that I remain attentive,” she explains. In order not to be destabilized, she questions her interlocutor and asks her to clarify her thoughts. For her, this openness is required and maintains a constructive dialogue “It is not a question of being defensive or claim but to understand what the other has to say. The goal is to be in the exchange, even if we disagree. I do not impose anything but I remain convinced by the service I sell and I bring the arguments to answer. I remain in the facts and not in the affective. ”

The view of Anna Piot : “Everything is the adopted posture, how to stand facing each other. The aim is to analyze what is happening in itself, even during the dialogue. Breathing plays a major role. Slow inspirations and expirations help to calm inner panic and prevent thought from getting carried away. It is important to reconnect to his sensations and to find an external support that reassures: a picture in the room, a soothing mental image, the heat of the cup, an object in his pocket, people in meetings who look at us with kindness … If, nevertheless, the link does not succeed in establishing itself, one must keep its objective in mind and propose to the interlocutors to find a solution together. Because what they want is to be listened to and to see their needs taken into consideration. ”

Recognize your strengths

To overcome difficult situations, Isabelle Mashola advises to appeal to her strengths to move forward. “In France, we have this unfortunate tendency to point out our faults and to devalue our most beautiful qualities. It’s the opposite of what we should do, “she insists. For example, she excels in explaining, animating a community … On the other hand, she does not like numbers. In this case, the entrepreneur uses a specialist. “This attitude helps me put the bar of requirements to an achievable and reasonable level. Because if I put this bar too high and if I can not manage, I risk generating stress, thus losing my means, “she acknowledges. It has adopted this rule: seeing the positive in every situation necessarily entails a positive.

The view of Anna Piot: “The goal is to know yourself, both qualities that her faults. It is not a weakness to recognize its limits. Identifying them makes it possible to know what it is useful to work with, the skills to be acquired in order to better surpass them. This is how self-confidence is nourished and preserved. ”

Do the best

For Dominique Brogi, it is useless to make the brush, to oversell its products and services at the most critical moment. His credo: faced with a problem, never panic and think quietly, especially when the situation does not go as planned. In a former professional life, she had to demonstrate a machine … which did not work. Instead of “victimizing” and spreading excuses, she returned the situation to her advantage. “The customer had moved especially to see the demonstration. I then explained that I had seen the machine at work and I praised it all its advantages, “she recalls. The customer purchased the product. Moral of history: conviction is communicative! The same observation was made by Isabelle Mashola: “You must be able to express your feelings or your difficulties, and find solutions together to unblock the situation. Nobody is perfect. The goal is to do the best we can. That’s my motto !”

The view of Anna Piot : “No need to make a mountain out of a tricky situation. It must be said that it does not matter, that it will pass. I advise you to project over three months and consider the impact on your life. This tactic allows to step back, to minimize the emotional impact. It is better to find a solution instead of staying on the block. So it’s better to jump on the moving train and accept the situation. If the interlocutor remains discontented, this must also be accepted. There is no reason to question its values ​​in the event of disagreement with the opposing party. What the latter expresses has nothing to do with what one really is. It’s important to know what to do. ”

Know how to surround yourself and enjoy yourself

Taking care of yourself helps to maintain this condition. “It’s important to recharge your batteries, to have fun,” says Isabelle Mashola. For her part, she does good by surrounding herself with realistic, positive, warm people. “They do not tell me,” How are you going to get there, “but” it’s going to be difficult but we believe in you, you will succeed! “. What changes everything and makes me want to give the best of myself, “she says.
Dominique Brogi, finds a loophole in the sport: “To remain at the top, it is necessary to be able to oxygenate and to defase morally. The practice of a sport reboots my energy. This inevitably has a positive result on the quality of my sleep. This positively conditions my mindset the next day. “A virtuous circle that feeds like trust.

The view of Anna Piot: “Self-confidence is not innate. It develops according to the experiences, talks and is reinforced every day. Thinking about yourself and keeping your inner serenity is part of it. ”

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Self-taught, they launched their brand



Let go of everything to build a business around a passion. Five self-taught creators tell us how they got started.

The start

It all starts with a trip to Maud Bonnet. “Strolling the alleys of the souks of Marrakech , I saw all these beautiful kilims tissues,” says the entrepreneur who lives in the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris. She manufactures a single pouch with leather and a piece of fabric. On her return to France, this press attaché meets many people who ask her to give them back. Sarendip was born. “Nothing was intentional.”
For Leia Sfez, this begins with an observation. “For my daughter, I found nothing really comfortable with enough design patterns emerging codes of the child ,” she says. The young mother then sews leggings in a single piece for her elder. His talents as a professional photographer and the originality of the models do the rest. “They got noticed on Instagram right from the start. I found a name, Diapers and Milk and launched the e-shop, “is she recalls. Student in literature at the Sorbonne, Louise Damascus manufactures jewelry inspired by tutorials on YouTube. “At first it was for fun and then I started selling them. Then it quickly took a lot of scope so I created the brand, “she says.

For Alix D. Reynis , this love for manual labor is first left to the rank of passion for some years. After studying law, she made sculpture. Then plunges back into the books in order to become a notary’s clerk. The click occurs at the birth of her fourth child. “As soon as I could financially I made porcelain and I did not regret,” she says. It is a desire for freedom that led Julie and Melissa to launch their brand stationery Season Paper . Formed both in weaving and already owning a studio together, they also share this love for drawing by hand. “Moving from textile to stationery has allowed us to take out the motifs that make us happy and resemble us,” explains Julie.

The first difficulties

“To launch your brand is a freedom in creation, but you have to do everything yourself and sometimes you doubt,” decrypts Louise Damas. Business plans, distribution networks, orders and websites … You often have to find everything on the job. And very fast for most. “When I did my first business plan it was like I had to learn Chinese. Today, it seems simple to me but at the time it was horrible, “Alix D. Reynis enjoys. If her legal training allowed her to apprehend the creation of the statutes, the designer of porcelain and jewelry had to arm itself with patience for her learning in the world of commerce.

Same fight for Julie and Melissa who plunged in the large distribution of the stationery. “We had to learn to do everything from the creation of the motive to the sale by way of the design of the objects, the research of the manufacturers, the prospecting of distributors, the construction of the website, accounting, communication …” , Lists Julie.

Produce in large quantities

And each to report his fears in building his brand. The orders that thrill, the dizzy figures but also the learning of production in large quantities. “It’s always very anguishing to launch a production of 30,000 notebooks, these are aberrant sums,” Melissa admits. A discovery also for Alix D. Reynis who was doing everything by hand. “I did not know how to produce in series with molds,” she concedes. At first, she fumbles before meeting someone who will teach her. “Sculpting a piece is not complicated, what is difficult is to create the tool that will make it possible to reproduce it.”

Leia Sfez is also quickly overwhelmed by the interest aroused by her leggings for children. “I did not even have time to think it became a brand,” says the founder of Diapers and Milk. Her husband leaves his job to follow her in the adventure. “We had only a seamstress in Paris and we made all the packages at home at night,” she says. When hundreds of orders fall on them, they are forced to take a break for long months in order to find a production in Portugal. “Every morning I woke up and wondered if I was going to continue.” It was in 2014. Since then, everything has started again and Leia Sfez is now considering a women’s collection.

The entourage

The key to their success often rests on those around them. Mentors , acquaintances, friends or spouses entrepreneurs … each has a way to surround to avoid loneliness incumbent on entrepreneurship. Maud Bonnet organizes co-working days at her home. “We were sitting around my kitchen table. We helped each other, it was our way of being colleagues, “she recalls. An entourage who plays both technical and creative matters. “I admire the creators who work alone because sometimes you need to cry and be supported,” confesses Leia Sfez. Julie and Melissa share their workspace with other people in Montreuil. “We have a small panel on the spot so when we launch the collections, we can ask them for their opinion,” says Melissa.

Alix D. Reynis also talks about important encounters. “By chance, I found a woman who was a modeler-moulder, it was she who trained me to make molds and turn the plaster. For jewelry, Myrtille Beck explained everything from A to Z and gave me the contacts of its suppliers, “says the one who opened her shop last May. Louise Damas has chosen to associate. “I worked three years alone in a workshop. It’s difficult, we feel a little isolated, “she says. She meets Claire from the Fauvette brand, at an ephemeral boutique. A few months later, they open their shop. “We had the same desires and especially to have a shop containing us our workshops. We wanted to meet our customers, to have a place that we personalize, “explains the designer.


“I think you have to be a little crazy when you start like this,” Melissa says with humor. “Around me, many people told me they would be too afraid of not being able to pay their rent. I never think of it, the only thing I think is the freedom that it brings me, “confesses the designer. “Create yourself what you do and set your goals, it’s ecstasy,” smiles Leia Sfez. Maud Bonnet who took over a job in addition to his mark notes an evolution in his way of working. “We know we are capable of doing everything so we have more confidence .” Louise Damascus confirmed: “I was very disorganized and I learned discipline.” A grain of madness and especially a lot of energy. “You have to work hard and be patient because it can take time,” says Reynis. “It never stops,”

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