The first impression at the exhibition is the display

The first impression at the exhibition is the display

Most you score at a trade fair with a good display

A good display is characterized by different criteria but fall in any case the customer in the eye and provides a good impression. Whether existing customers are looked after or new customers to be won: it is important to present themselves well at a trade show. This includes the right display, a well-planned stand with a matching counter and possibly other advertising at the site.

The right display

A good stand is made up of various components. The folding screens or roll-ups are not just the presentation of information or the logo, but also to delineate the rented area and to make clear in which area potential customers can stay if they wish to be addressed. In addition, the stand design should be functional and may divide the area into several sections. Here gradients can help on a single board in the background.

Universally applicable

The display comes probably on several occasions at different stalls repeatedly used. So it should so far be used universally, as that can be the construction of another state also customize times: Is there on the one exhibition a four meters wide and three meters deep space, the same 12 square meters space on another exhibition, with the shorter side to the audience stand and make another assembly required.

Fits selected

Nevertheless, there are specific features that should satisfy the exhibition equipment. For example, it can not be anything that looks good indoors, even running outside. In addition to rain and sun can be an enemy of the good Stands because the blazing heat employees and equipment makes it look old. A second set of displays for outdoor use can be a good idea.

Well designed

Those who are not even familiar with the design so, should ask the manufacturer or hire a marketing company that sets up everything. Just a few files stick together mostly not working. The best advisers are here by the manufacturer of displays, because they know from experience what works.

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