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A Journey to England

Lawns and net sidewalks, houses and pampered gardens in England there are only the sky as the British forgot to repaint. Be charmed by a different lifestyle and by the famous British phlegm, which is not usurped legend!
The British youth has cracked – here over fifty years – Victorian austerity and respectability hemmed in for more than a century. By coexist the most extravagant looks and bowler hat, Great Britain and England have evolved. Many things have changed and, at the same time, nothing has completely disappeared. Britain already considers the Beatles, as the Indian Empire, belong to the past. But at Eton College, children still go to school in white tie.

Sports and recreation England

The English like to think they invented all sports, which is – admittedly -. Almost true (with the notable exception of polo, developed in the mountains of Pakistan)
There, in however, many sports that the British were never able to export, such as the cheese rolling for example, which is practiced on the hill of Cooper’s Hill since the sixteenth century. There are many others of the same barrel, and we will not talk of throwing tree trunks as it is a Scottish game …

Other national sport: the paris on everything and anything. The bookmakers – a private institution in Britain – took paris sex and surname of the royal baby, the country hosting the next Olympics or just on time the next day.


If the former colonies of the Empire there are put and are serious opponents, this sport to imperceptible subtleties and complex rules, often remains obscure to outsiders.


Largely inspired by the tennis court, the patent lawn tennis, as it was called at first, was deposed in 1874 by Major Wingfried. In 1875, it was in a large meadow in the outskirts of London, at Wimbledon, which installs the first club and its grounds. The first tournament will play it in July 1877.

Darts ( darts )

At the pub, we always play darts. Their origin dates back to the Hundred Years War. Legend has it that one day when he was a dog of time, the English archers, sheltered under a barn, amused themselves by shooting arrows on the edge of a block of wood; they came to shorten their projectiles to get darts (the word is French), close to current darts. The divisions in the modern target areas would be inspired by the wood grain. Thus was born the famous game rules to more complicated than it seems.


Women are crazy bingo, especially old ladies. This game resembling bingo is typical of England. Each city has its own, in the city center. It is essential to make a turn (in the afternoon) to meet the profound Britain. You have to see the host state the numbers drawn.


One of the English national sports, where, in any case, the people and the enthusiasm of the British people find themselves. The games are linked.
England, Scotland and Wales as part of the Six Nations Championship with France, Ireland and Italy.
Attending a match at Twickenham, the English rugby temple , southwest of London, is a unique experience.


The Premier League (the top 20 clubs) draws the crowds. We meet the matches with fervor (a little too much sometimes!), Or in pubs to share the exploits of the players from Liverpool, Manchester, Chelsea or others.


The main spots are located in the southwest of the country, particularly in Cornwall (Porthleven). Other in Dorset, Bournemouth, and Devon. But the must rest Newquay, where several international competitions each year are held.

Walking and hiking

Walking fans will love the English are professionals in the field. Devon, Cornwall, the North between Sheffield and Manchester, Yorkshire, Wales or the Lake District are all places of cool rides. We particularly appreciate the heath of the New Forest in the south of the country, where we walk among the animals in the wild.
Attention is better to bring your maps (maps Ordnance Survey ) and a compass: the paths are not always easily found and markup can be random and difficult to follow. Markup is yellow or blue, sometimes through fields, farms. When it is forbidden, the markup is red.

Must England

This section complements the Hot Heart of England Backpacker guide, Wales.

Push the door of a tearoom and enjoy a cream tea. Observe dolphins in Cornwall. Stroll through the pretty medieval streets of Rye. Alternate pubs and shopping in the bustling North Laine in Brighton. Find the world of Alice in Wonderland in Oxford or in the New Forest. To stop in prehistoric Stonehenge. Hiking on the mysterious paths of the natural park of Dartmoor. Attending a football match in Liverpool, Newcastle or Manchester. Remain silent before the windows of the cathedral of York.



Spa Palladian classified Unesco, famous for its Roman Baths , Roman Baths neoclassical



medieval town of Kent, built around an impressive cathedral, one of the oldest Christian churches in England, the seat of the Anglican Church

Windsor Castle 


One of the largest fortresses in the world still inhabited, built by William the Conqueror, now one of the Queen’s residences



Land of legends, between Britain and Ireland: wild landscapes, alternating coast beaches, cliffs and tiny fishing ports

Dartmoor National Park


Mysterious landscapes of rolling moorland, rocky reliefs and villages preserved in their juice, haunted by local legends



Episcopal and university town perched on a rocky cliff, harboring a Romanesque cathedral, one of the UK architectural gems

Fountains Abbey 


Registered at Unesco, the impressive remains of an abbey of the twelfth century of fabulous wealth, attached to Studley Royal, a beautiful park

Lake District 


Beautiful landscapes of forests and sheep, mountain ranges ideal for hiking, inspiration for poets and writers

Hadrian’s Wall 


Wall of 70 miles on the border of England and Scotland, built by the Emperor Hadrian to protect the Empire from barbarian incursions



City pleasant, young and cosmopolitan, home to the third oldest university in the world in a unique setting



Perched on a hill, one of the prettiest towns of the Kingdom, its charming medieval alleys and stalls of bric

Saint Ives 


family seaside resort; its maze of alleys, wonderful beaches ideal for surfing, shopping and art galleries, the Tate Gallery



Medieval peaceful along the Avon, dominated by a majestic cathedral, its gabled houses and half-timbered



Magnificent prehistoric site listed by UNESCO, mysterious circle of giant blue stones, sarsens an archaeological enigma



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