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The unavoidable destinations in Germany


Germany is rich in strong traditions, charming villages amidst landscapes full of sweetness in small preserved medieval towns, often reconstructed exactly after the war.
Germany holds museums among the finest in the world, is proud of its Gothic cathedrals and baroque churches, as well as parties’ kolossales “around the beer, which punctuate the seasons.
modernity side, that would be Germany without creativity coupled to its commercial dynamism? You will be surprised to discover a breathtaking architecture, art inspired at the forefront of the avant-garde design made in Germany . Every day new trends are born, develop innovative ideas, often to the credit of a youth whose originality and freedom will please you …
political side, in the early 1990s after the fall of the Wall, we discovered a former East German confusing to unfamiliar past.
Since then, water has flowed under the bridges of the Elbe, and after the huge effort to integrate the eastern Länder, the country has returned to growth. If the deficit birth rate and aging population are topics of concern, Chancellor Angela Merkel has imposed his effective style, playing a major role in the great of this world.

Listen to an organ concert in the magnificent setting of the cathedral of Cologne. Browse the Moselle valley between riesling and old stones.Explore Trier, the “Rome of the North”, and love without Truce (s). Walking in the morning in Fribourg, through the market stalls. Buller on the beach at Lake Constance. Strolling in the neighborhood of fishermen in Ulm. Discover fabulous castles starting in the footsteps of Louis II, King of Bavaria

Munich (Bavaria)


Bavarian capital, the most interesting city in Germany after Berlin, between tradition and cosmopolitanism; the artistic treasures of art galleries, the Bavarian taverns

Nuremberg (Bavaria)


A historical and cultural city, many museums to fabulous collections and its medieval walls that surround the old town

German Alpine Road (Bavaria)


Landscapes of great purity, forests, lakes, snow-capped peaks, traditional houses covered with flowers and decorated with frescoes and famous castles of Ludwig II

Romantic Road (Bavaria)


Of Swabia the foothills of the Alps, crossing the rolling hills, a road lined the prettiest historic towns of Bavaria

Lake Constance (Baden-Württemberg)


Embedded between the Alps and Jura, a lake surrounded by orchards and vineyards, picturesque villages and medieval buildings, bathed by a mild climate

Ulm (Baden-Württemberg)


The charm of the Fishermen’s district of the Tanners, the beautiful cathedral in the dizzying boom, the walls bordering the Danube

Black Forest (Baden-Württemberg)


Region covered 60% of dark coniferous forests and spruce, preserving the echoes of stories and legends that haunt the mountains

Baden-Baden (Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

Baden-Baden-(Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

Garden City and spa town famous for the venerable Friedrichsbad baths and for its Christmas market, one of the most beautiful in Germany; a rather elitist resort

Freiburg im Breisgau (Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

Freiburg-im-Breisgau-(Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

In the old center, concentrated around the cobblestone streets of the Gothic cathedral; Christmas market, the best known in southern Germany

Heidelberg (Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

Heidelberg-(Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg)

Dominated by the ruins of the castle, bathed by the Neckar River, surrounded by forests and vineyards, a romantic city but also a cultural dynamism



young and dynamic city; the old center, the green banks of the Rhine and the cathedral, one of the largest churches of Christendom, the most visited monument Germany



After the 1945 destructions, the reconstruction work of the Baroque city long known as the “Florence on the Elbe”, the capital of Saxony



historic city, but also modern city with a few gems of contemporary architecture and skyscrapers; financial capital of Germany



The cosmopolitan atmosphere and a little rascal of a port among the largest in the world; a teeming city of canals and parks

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