College Tips For Students With Part-time Jobs


College students don’t get enough credit for all the many activities they balance as they move towards a degree.  Balancing school, homework, and your personal life takes careful time management.  Especially when a part-time gets factored into the equation, college students need to stay focused in order to stay on course.  The following four college tips for students with part time jobs will help keep them organized.

  1. Flexible hours – If you fill out the FAFSA and check off that you are interested in doing work-study, then odds are you will work on campus with an employer that will provide you a flexible schedule.  Employers understand that you are a college student first and have to balance finals, midterms, studying, and homework.  These jobs are highly encouraged among college students.
  2. Time Management With a job, school, and other activities you may be involved with, its going to be crucial that you manage your time appropriately.  In order to be successful with time management, buy a yearly planner and write down your work schedule, when major assignments are do, midterms, finals, and any other trips or schedules you need to think about when planning your semester.  Having them all written out in one location will save you a lot of time and heartache from having things double booked or forgetting about them entirely.
  3. Think About The Money for College While your friends might not need a part-time jobs for extra expenses or tuition, if you need the money, don’t ditch work.  Set your priorities on whats important to you and not whats important for others.  If you need that extra money for school, you have to keep that on your mind when the weekend comes around and its time for that early morning or late night shift.
  4. Be Committed Commit yourself fully to your job.  Most often, your employer is going to be the only one that has come to know you in such way that they will be able to provide you with a letter of recommendation and be a reference.  As the time come apply for college scholarships or for that first real job, a high letter of recommendation is going to be important in securing that.

College Scholarships: Be early, be honest, and do your best, that’s all you can really do.

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