Fun Profitable Summer Jobs for College Students


Even with financial aid like scholarships and grants, college expenses still add up. Summertime does mean the opportunity to get away from it all and have fun but for students that want to make sure they’re taken care of financially for the Fall, getting a summer job is a great way to earn extra money. But just because its a job doesn’t mean you cant still have fun. Below are a handful of summer jobs for college students doing that they will have a blast working at, while being able to take home a paycheck at the same time.

Theme Park

College students won’t have any problem fitting into the working atmosphere of a theme park. This kind of summer job means getting to enjoy the great weather, meet tons of new people and benefit from the perks of being an employee for this type of company. Whether you’re in charge of running one of the most popular rides, working at the gift shop or serving up cool beverages and snacks, each day will be fun and a new experience for students not to mention being able to go on all the rides, enjoy the food and make new friends along the way.

Promotional/Event Modeling

Don’t be fooled by the name you don’t actually have to be a model to do this kind of summer job. Working as a promotional or event model means getting paid well for a few hours of work a couple of times a month. Promotional companies have their own websites where candidates can create an online account and upload their photos and contact info for free. If an event comes up in your town, you’ll be notified and if you meet the clients requirements, you’ll be hired. College students in this job position have the opportunity to work a booth at the latest concert, convention or even a club, bar or restaurant. With hourly rates starting at $15 to day rates of $150 or more, promotional and event modeling is definitely the way to make easy money without committing 40 hours a week. As long as you’ve got a great personality, enjoy talking with people and can learn product/company information in a short time, you’ll be good to go!

Tour Guide

Do you know your town inside and out? Are you always showing your relatives and friends from out of town the time of their lives? Why not sign up to be a tour guide for the summer? Depending on your location, such jobs are available for individuals that know what they’re talking about and can show tourists the sights. This type of summer job usually offers a flexible schedule, easy hours and good pay.

Become an Entrepreneur

More and more college students are aiming to be their own boss and what better way to spend the summer than by calling the shots and setting your own schedule and pay rate? From selling items online to offering your own special services and/or products, any college student can build their own home-based business and make a profit from it over the summer. Such job positions include but are not limited to: tutoring, babysitting, cooking/catering and even landscaping/gardening.

Regardless of what summer job you get into, don’t blow all your funds before school starts. Discipline yourself by putting away a set amount from each paycheck that will be used only for school related expenses.

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