Personalized Kids Stationery – A Great Way To Encourage Writing


In today’s world, full of distractions like TV, computers, and video games, finding ways to encourage your children to write can be challenging. However, those parents who find ways to help develop a love of writing in their children early on will find that they reap many benefits throughout their life as a result. One fun and unique way you can encourage English skills as well as penmanship is to help them pick out some personalized kids stationery items.

Personalized Kids Stationery

Kids stationery is available in a variety of styles, each geared for different interests and age groups. Letting your child select designs that appeal to them can make them feel special. Many paper shops allow for further personalization by adding names, initials or perhaps a quote to journal or notebook covers, letterhead, cards and more. Everyone loves seeing their name in print, and children are no exception. Professionally printed stationary is a way to reaffirm that your child is special and important as well as allowing them to exercise their own creativity and style.

Personalized journals and notebooks can be a place to record thoughts, stories, scribblings and the day’s events. At a very young age, even a little writing can help increase their vocabulary, and strengthen their letter and number recognition. When they are a little older, keeping a journal is a time-honored tradition that can go a long way towards developing a young person’s interest in and ability to write.

It’s important to note that journaling and freewriting is a useful skill that helps kids express their feelings and cope during challenging times. Also, children whose parents encourage their scribbling and stories gain confidence and strengthen their own identity, which helps them socially as well as academically.

Art of Creativity

While the art of hand-writing notes and letters seems to be in decline, it is still part of etiquette. People appreciate hand-written thank yous and letters even more today because it is so rare to receive them. Letters and notes from your child to friends and relatives can be kept and treasured, very unlike the impermanence of email and instant messaging. Personalized kids stationary can encourage kids to send such letters, as they will be eager to use their “special” paper and show it off to others.

You can make writing personal notes and letters as well as thank you cards more fun if you get age-appropriate stationary the child feels competent to use. For instance, if you have a child who is learning the fundamentals of writing, look for stationary that has fill-in blanks. That makes it easier for them to get their point across and feel like they have accomplished the task with less help from you. This “fill in the blanks” stationary is often found in the form of thank you cards, where all that is required might be the name of the addressee and the type of gift that was received.

Guide Your Kids for More Fun and Make them Relax

Individualized tools and papers can make writing more creative and fun for children, and this, in turn, can help reduce the stress of learning new skills. However, keep an eye out for any signs of difficulty. If your child shows signs of frustration when they can’t get a letter right, or find an answer after reasonable searching, guide them to a new activity for a little while until they have time to relax. Like adults, stress often blocks the ability to concentrate. Once they unwind a little, the answers come more easily.

Fun tools and personalized paper, coupled with a low stress environment and plenty of encouragement, is a way to provide your children with limitless opportunity for creativity that will serve them throughout their lives.

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