Why Do Students Need to Think About Careers Development While in College?


Teachers, counselors and parents tell students they have to think about careers development while still in college, and the reasons are quite obvious: college prepares you for a career. If the mindset is not already there, college students have to understand that the final goal of their education is a career. They haven’t enrolled in college only because their parents told them to, and they should act accordingly. As a student, there are several reasons why you should think about your future while still in college.

Certain subjects taught in school weigh more than others

Let’s assume you want a career as a Certified Public Accountant. Don’t put all your resources in studying theories on, let’s say, institutional legacy of mercantilism and imperialist colonialism in Middle Age. No matter how interesting you may find the topic, it won’t help you reach your goal of becoming a CPA any faster—focus on Math and Accounting instead.

Pursue the right college internship ventures

Think of your long term goals when applying for an internship while in college. Following the example above, don’t go for an internship in Tax Auditing if you want to specialize in accounting and that opportunity comes up. Students should always be encouraged to do an internship because of the valuable work experience and transferable skills that can be learned from most internships.  Landing an internship from a reputable company can help you stand out from the crowd of recent applicants applying for jobs.

Know what extra-curricular accreditation you may need

Some companies require job applicants to have taken courses not taught in college and some of them are available even before you get your diploma. Students can enroll, for example, in ACCA courses (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). If you don’t have a career path in mind, you won’t know what extra courses will help you and, with the current gloomy job market, any additional accreditation might be of help when applying for a job.

Students need to have a clear career model while still in college. After all, college is all about picking a future path: choose the major and get the specific training.  No, you don’t have to have a major in mind by the time you set foot on campus, but should be one of your primary goals.

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