Test Taking Tips For College Students


Stress is of course a large part of the college lifestyle. Although for the majority of the time you will either be studying or partying, there’s a small amount of time that you will unfortunately have to spend in an examination. Exams aren’t nice, let’s be honest. No one likes an exam – they’re kind of hard to love! But you’re in college for a reason, and that’s for getting those grades, degree, and to get to take and pass your exams to meet your goals. By now you should be fairly used to exams, but it’s not hard to get stressed over them, even at an older age, due to the obvious pressure involved. In this post I will provide you top test taking tips which will help you.

Here are fortunately 5 most effective test taking tips by using them you can tackle the stress caused by examinations:

  1. Avoid Stress– First of all you should try to stay away from stressful people! Try and stay away from complainers or generally stressed-out people who are also taking exams, and it’s contagious. You don’t need negativity when you’re trying to stay focused, so stay away!
  2. Health and Fitness– Honestly it helps to get your exercise everyday and to eat healthy. Not only will you feel better and more refreshed during the day but you will also minimize your anticipatory stress levels and you will enhance your performance during your exams.
  3. Keep Partying Within Reason– Try not to say yes to social situations for the time being. It sounds anti-social, but there’s plenty of time to party and join in on gatherings after your exams. Don’t bother; you need your time to study. The more you leave it, the less likely you will get round to it. And again don’t worry, your friends will understand!
  4. Take Study Breaks– Make sure you force yourself to break. It might sound silly, but when you get the ball rolling it’s hard to stop studying! Force yourself to stop for at least 15 minutes every hour or so, or you won’t maintain your focus.
  5. Stay Positive– Be a positive thinker and visualize the test going well, and it probably will as long as you’ve been doing adequate studying. You can drop many marks being nervous, so don’t bother! Go in feeling like you own the place. Confidence is key.

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