Time Management Tips for College Students


Your day-to-day life as a college student is probably very different from the way it was when you were in high school. On the upside you have a lot more freedom – you don’t have to spend all day in class or listen to your parents tell you what to do. But on the downside you need to have the self-discipline to manage your time and get your work done. Let’s explore effective time management tips for college students.

Here are some time management college tips that can help you make the most of college life:

  • Make a time chart: Your week is comprised of classes and labs you have to attend, “free” periods in between, plus the evenings and weekends. Apart from going to class, you’ll need to schedule regular study time, extra study time for tests, work hours for your part-time job, practices and meetings for sports and other activities you’re involved in, and entertainment and relaxation time. For this you’ll need a PDA, pocket diary, wall chart or other tool that enables you to plot out your time. A visual plan of your week’s activities will help you structure your time and achieve a good balance between work and play.  Visit this interactive time management chart to help organize your life!
  • Know your priorities: College students have so many activities going on that it’s hard to figure out which ones are the most important. When you can see your fixed commitments such as your classes, study time and part-time job on your time chart, it’s easier to determine how best to fill up the rest of the time. Perhaps you’ll decide that with only two free evenings a week, you need to choose between playing soccer and dance practice this quarter, in order to leave time for extra studying when exams come around, as well as for a regular social life.
  • Don’t over-commit yourself: With so many fun activities and social events on offer on campus in addition to all the pressures of studying and keep your grades up, it’s easy to find yourself stretched too thin. Try to slow down, or you’ll risk getting stressed and possibly burned out. You can always take that photography class next year instead.
  • Schedule rewards for yourself: Reward yourself for your hard work by slotting some relaxation time into your schedule too, especially after your midterms and final exams, or even after completing a paper or other assignment. Your studying will be less of a chore if you know there’s a free weekend or evening waiting for you afterwards!

College Scholarships:  Time management is especially important when you are applying for college scholarships.  Apply early and be organized!

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