9 in 10 young people think that they will succeed in life


OpinionWay survey conducted at the initiative of Auteuil Apprentices shows that 92% of young people have confidence in their future, particularly professional.

Despite the prevailing political and economic pessimism, a new survey on youth and success published by Apprentices of Auteuil reveals that 9 in 10 young people think that they will succeed in life, and especially on the professional level.

A real hopeful and optimistic message

Conducted among more than 1,000 young people aged 16 to 24 to the 150th anniversary of the association, the survey OpinionWay shows that young people are still very optimistic about their future, despite the fact that 76% of them believe that the current environment is less favorable than that of their parents. Far from being disillusioned, 92% of young people surveyed think it will succeed in life.

“They tell us they have faith in the future, despite the challenges they face today They show great lucidity It’s a real message of hope, but also a responsibility.. To us not disappoint them! Auteuil Apprentices pays particular attention to the most vulnerable young people, “says Nicolas and Trowel, CEO of Auteuil Apprentices.

Graduates still more want to leave France

Professional success: first success factor
In 1020 young people questioned, the first success factor is to “have a fulfilling career” (62%), just before “have a happy family life” (60%). The more materialistic criteria, as does “make big money” (24%) come largely after.

But what are the keys to this success? For 16-24ans who responded to the survey, self-confidence (45%) and involvement in work (33%) are the first means of success, followed closely by the ambition (25%) and courage (18%). The diplomas (16%) and relationships of all kinds (15%) are not essential for a successful professional life.

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