Ambush Hunting By The Dinosaurs

Ambush Hunting By The Dinosaurs
Ambush Hunting By The Dinosaurs

Although now completely extinct, dinosaurs still manage to surprise humans in a lot of ways. Paleontologists today, are busy finding the different fossils of dinosaurs. They have found some fossils of very huge dinosaurs and some as small as the pigeons. Recently a Canadian Chinese team reported to have found the fossils of a dinosaur that actually looked for its prey like a cat because it was the same size. These cat type hunting techniques are called ambush hunting techniques.

These dinosaurs are called Sinocalliopteryx and they only extended to a length of 2.5 metres approximately. Yixian Formation in the Jehol Provence of North East China has very efficiently managed to retain and preserve the remains of these dinosaurs. The researchers very effectively isolated remains of two crow sized birds called Confuciusorni and a smaller dinosaur covered with feathers from the remains of a single Sinornithosaurus. This discovery lead the scientists to believe that the dinosaurs of these smaller sizesfed on flying animals including lizards, smaller dinosaurs and mammals.

These dinosaurs skillfully carried out ambush hunting by lying in wait for the desired prey. These dinosaurs were good observers and very patient during their hunt. They used to observe patiently while lying in the bush and when they observed that the prey is taking a low flight, they leapt at the prey with a very strong grip. This is typical ambush hunting. Many animals are ambush hunters usually but with dinosaurs it is a new concept since nobody ever thought of the hunting style of the smaller sized dinosaurs.

In order to pounce on the predator at just the right time and place, these dinosaurs were naturally equipped with long muscular legs and very sharp teeth for chomping. A prey once being gripped by these dinosaurs could never free itself. However there are some other scientists as well with a different point of view. These scientists such as Prof Zhonghe Zhou of Chinese Academy of Sciences emphasize on the theory that it is not necessary that all these small sized dinosaurs follow he ambush style of hunting. Some of these dinosaurs are scavengers instead of stealthy hunters.

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