Earth’s Geological Past Can Give clues for Future Climate

Earth’s Geological Past Can Give clues for Future Climate

One aspect that is under a lot of research and poses a lot of threat is that of climatic changes. Scientists and researchers from all over the world are trying to understand this phenomenon so that necessary steps can be taken and adaptations can become easier. It is often said that if you want to unravel the mysteries of your future you need to take a look at your past. Climate and earth is no different. Many scientists have come to belief that the key to the secret of climatic changes of earth lie in the past.

Recent studies show that the most reliable way of making predictions about climatic changes and understanding them better lie in the geological past. According to Dr. Wan Yang, the formation of rocks would give answers about a lot of questions related to climate. He went on to elaborate that with different climatic conditions, the soil types and vegetation’s also vary. This can be used to understand the climate and also predict the future of this phenomenon.

To come to this conclusion, he studied in northwest china as that is the only place that has preserved the record of ancient land from as far as 200 million years ago. During that period, earth witnessed mass extinction. Scientists believe that the reason behind the eradication of these species is climate. Many theories have been presented on the matter but so far no definite cause has been established as to what led to the death of so many species. The theory that is considered most substantial at this point of time is that during this period the climate of earth witnessed a change from being icehouse to greenhouse, this was reversed around 30 million years ago when icehouse once again took control

The truth is there is little evidence on the matter which is why scientist is looking at every possible scenario to unravel this mystery. If we hope to prepare ourselves for the future, we need to understand it and most of the time the answer to future lies in the past.

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