Silver and Gold did not Originate Together

Silver and Gold did not Originate Together

The heavy elements like gold and silver do not need any introduction. They are commonly used for a variety of purposes and are very popular. However, their origination remains a mystery. This subject is still under study as to what lead to the formation of these heavy metals. The origination of light metals like hydrogen and helium is said to be a result of a big bang. However, the same cannot be said about the heavy metals as they emerged much later

Earlier it was believed that both the popular heavy metals that is gold and silver originated as a result of explosion of similar type of stars. But contrary to this Heidelberg scientist Dr. Camilla believes that both the heavy metals originate thus a result of explosion of completely different type of stars. She reached to this theory after spending quite a bit of time observing the stars. She found that the amount of silver found is stars were not dependent to the amount found of other heavy metals including gold. This leads to the conclusion that supernova gold and supernova silver originate from completely different processes and their origination did not occur at the same time.

If her studies are believed to be correct, then this means that silver and gold materialize from different type of stars that have different masses. It is likely that heavy metals were produced by supernovas of large stars and the formation of the type of heavy metal produced depended on the mass of the star.

Dr. Hansen maintains that because of this discovery it is clear that if the mystery behind formation of heavy metals is to be uncovered detailed studies and investigations must be done as to the conditions that lead to the formation of the heavy metals of gold and silver. If we study about the stimulations of these explosions we could probably determine as to what lead to the production of gold and silver. This just might be the breakthrough we require and if careful analysis is done perhaps the answer to this impending question can be found.

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