Treat Your Child Gently

Treat Your Child Gently
Treat Your Child Gently
Scolding your child or telling and taunting him each time he commits mistake is not an advisable thing.

You know your child need a lot of teaching and manners. You do not find his current behavior, attitude or etiquettes as you like, so you think about teaching him. Parents want their child to be perfect, they like him to walk well, sit and talk gently, and of course remain clean and look nicer. Besides these basic things, no one likes his child to fell in unhealthy or bad activities or company.

The very important thing in this regard is the treatment you give to your child when making him learn something you want. The treatment should be nice and gentle. A child need attention and care, he/she need to be told carefully so that he could naturally grasp the learning, in other cases many children shows repulsive attitude when they are ‘forced’ to learn anything.

Discipline Your Child Effectively

Scolding your child or telling and taunting him each time he commits mistake is not an advisable thing. It neither yields results as seen and observed in most of the cases. Do not let him/her rebel your teachings by teaching him with love and empathy and following certain guidelines.

-Do it yourself first, children try to follow their parents, you need to throw the wrapper in the bin, cover your mouth while yawning. Get them habituated with what you do, they will definitely follow you.

-Do not slap them ever. Discuss with them politely if they do something wrong in public place, try to teach them with reasoning later on without insulting them at the spot. Sometimes if they do not listen a little stern behavior or walking away for a while from them may be required. Slapping or abusing verbally will result definitely result in some kind of aggressive attitude by your child, and he will not learn from it.

-Involve your children in their decision making process like while doing shopping for them, let them choose the color and clothing by themselves.

-Avoid screaming or using harsh words in front of guests, tell him strictly to mend the behavior after returning home.

Let your child know that you wish him to improve certain kind of things in him and do not disapprove him as an individual.

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