5 Things to Consider Before Getting Hair Cut or Color


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So you thought of getting a new look? Well, before you go to salon and ask for the modern-day-equal of “The Rachel” (Jennifer Aniston’s named in Friends) and go home in tears because the look just doesn’t suits you, let’s see what Arsen Gurgov, a lead stylist at NYC salon Louis Licari, told The Beauty Bean about hair.

Pilot Clear of Trends: Trend is a great word, if used not for HAIR. When going for the next big trend in hair styling, remember, not every trend will go for you. Trends in the way of hair are best for sake of styles, not cuts.

Be Self-Aware: When selecting which cut would work best for you, keep in mind:

Hair texture: You wouldn’t obviously go with pixie if you have thinning hair.

Lifestyle: Don’t get a trendy cut that will require too much care if you have newborn twins.

Profession: So you work in a corporate environment? That doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. But don’t go overboard.

Test Your Color: Always perform strand tests when dyeing your hair. Every pack of hair color has directions. Select a shade that is a number or two lighter than your natural. Or, if you plan to do a complete color change, our suggestion would be going to a professional.

Avoid a Bad Cut: The best way to dodge an abysmal haircut is to go into the salon with pictures of exactly what you need. Consult before the actual appointment. Most salons give them free.

Recover from a Mishap: If you got a haircut that leaves you crying and hiding from the world, pull it together, fake it, and don’t forget that it’s hair and IT WILL GROW BACK. Nothing is sexier than a confident woman.

(For the sake of contingency, most drug stores or beauty stores sell hair pieces and clip in extensions. There are even headbands with bangs that will fool just about anyone. Hair accessories are also a great way to fake hair disasters)

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