Flappy Bird May Soar Again


One of the most famous games on mobile is the Flappy Bird which is seemed to be buried now among the users of android and apple as well. According to the creator of the Flappy Bird, the game has been removed from the apple store as well as from the android market. This was also confirmed when one user of the Flappy Bird just tweeted that when is Flappy Bird returning to apple’s iStore and Dong Nguyen responded that “Yes, it will but not soon!”

According to an estimate, this Vietnamese game designer, Nguyen, was earning up to $50,000 every day from Flappy Bird after the game got much popularity in both of the markets of games. According to some reports and even Nguyen confessed himself that he was receiving some emails from the people that the game was putting some kind of negative effect on their lives! The major reason behind this was that some people even lost their jobs and a mother just complained that she was unable to talk with her children as they were so much addicted to the Flappy Bird. So, this February, Nguyen removed the game from the game markets of the mobile.

Nguyen also stated that he is currently working on some other games as well and the Flappy Bird will be back but he did not provide the time frame for that. With the removal of the Flappy Bird from the market places, many other developers took advantage of making similar style graphics for the game by introducing some popular characters in the game instead of the bird such as Miley Cyrus.

Some people even are of the view that this is the marketing strategy of Nguyen to increase the interest of the people in the Flappy Bird but some are just of the opposite opinion. As it seems that the popularity was increasing and he just decreased the supply of the game so that could be his stance as well but according to the analysts, it was a turning point when the developer just pulled the game when it was at its peak.

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