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10 tips to get up early without feeling tired

The alarm sounds. You open your eyes half-frightened. You look at the clock and think, damn, it’s time to stand up again .. .
But your body does not answer. You’re too tired , and it seems like it was only five minutes ago when you went to bed the night before.
Give them everything: turn off the alarm, and return to tuck under your warm sheets to continue sleeping a little more …
We will help you with our 10 tips to get up early without feeling tired.

Why is it so hard for you to get up early?

We would all like to wake up each morning rested and full of energy to start the day, instead of feeling that the bed catches us like a magnet from which we can not take off.

And surely more than once while you were taking advantage of those five minutes more between the sheets you will have thought ” why is it difficult for me to get up? “.

The key to overcoming it lies in understanding why.


We are each different and the reasons can be very varied, but the main reasons why you cling to your bed and do not feel like getting up are:

  • Do not sleep enough hours : asking your body to wake up without resting enough hours is like asking a car to start without gas.
  • You do not have a few set hours to go to sleep and wake up : routine is very important for our body to function properly. If you wake up every day at a different time, you will be driving your body crazy because you will not know what time it should start working.
  • You do not have systems to get it : getting up early is not just a matter of putting on your watch and waiting for it to ring. You have to define a few steps to get it, change your attitude, and strive to reach that goal.
  • You feel tired during the day and that makes you give up : waking up soon costs effort in the early days, and perhaps you feel that your strength throughout the day is still low. But you do not have to give up.
  • You do not have a fixed ritual at night : if one day you strive to go to sleep, but the rest are still entertaining you with television, playing with your phone, or watching videos on your computer, it is very difficult for you to take a constant habit with The one that accustom your body to go to sleep sooner.

You must find out which of these are the reasons that are preventing you from getting up early without feeling tired so that you can tackle the root problem, and know what exact steps are you to take to achieve it.

What is the ideal time to go to sleep?

Before telling you what tricks you can use to get up early and rested, it is important that you know what is your best time to go to sleep .

This is the first thing you must be clear about to reach your goal successfully; If you do not get enough sleep, it will be very difficult to implement the different steps to get it.

So here I want you to do this little exercise to calculate what your ideal time to go to sleep. Take a paper and pencil and note the following:

  • Write down what time you should wake up each day. If it is not regular (every day you can wake up at a different time), make an average schedule to have a fixed habit.
  • Give him 8 hours . That is the recommended amount of time to rest well each night. If you want to wake up at 7 in the morning, for example, your initial time to go to bed would be 11 at night.
  • Try those hours for a week . If every day you wake up rested and energized, you have already discovered the best time for you. On the other hand, if you notice that you are still getting tired, you can adjust it by taking one hour more (sleeping at 10 o’clock instead of 11 o’clock). But if you do not need to sleep many hours, you can also add one more hour (go to bed at 12 and sleep 7 hours instead of 8).

Up early

Although it is a very simple exercise, it will help you a lot to find out your best hours of rest. But remember to stick to your schedule and do not break it any day.

This exercise will not do you any good if you go to bed at 11 o’clock the first few days, and the rest you go to sleep at 1 o’clock in the morning to stay hooked watching your favorite series.

10 tricks to get up early without feeling tired

Before sleep…

1. Put your alarm clock away from your bed

This is the simplest trick but also one of the most effective. Putting the alarm clock away from your bed will force you to have to leave it to turn it off.

And that will greatly “kill” your desire to go back under the sheets to continue sleeping, and thus you will get up at the time you had marked.Up early

2. Take a hot bath at night

If you feel that when you go to bed you do not have a pinch of sleep, a good way to relax your muscles and be more predisposed to rest is to give yourself a good hot bath .

This will de-stress you and get better sleep later.

You can also combine this trick with listening to some guided relaxation once you are inside the bed so that the relaxation of your body is total.

Up early

3. Do not drink caffeinated beverages or eat chocolate!

Coffee, Coca Cola, some types of tea, or drinks like Red Bull are a solution to wake up in the morning for the caffeine content they have (although you should not abuse them).

But taking them at night is a very bad idea because they will stimulate your nervous system and keep you awake until very late . So avoid taking them even in the afternoon.

And what about chocolate? Believe it or not, chocolate also contains caffeine! In fact, taking 100 grams of chocolate is the same as drinking a cup of well-loaded coffee.

I recognize that in this I am guilty because I love to take a piece of chocolate after dinner, and it is a bad habit with which I still fight from time to time.

But if you are like me, resist temptation and do not take it at night!


Up early

4. Organize your room better

The place where your bed is placed with respect to the rest of your room can make you sleep dreaming of the little angels, or that your rest is a real nightmare …

Well, it’s actually a bit exaggerated to say so, but it’s true that the orientation of your bed can help you sleep better.

Many scientific studies show that if our bed is placed in a place from which you can see your door , and “control” your entire room, you will rest better.

Why? Because this conveys a sense of security , your mind feels that nothing bad can happen to you, and relaxes it by getting you to sleep better.

If you can and the space of your room allows you, change the position of your bed so you can see your door better.

Up early

5. Program your alarm clock with several alarms

If you have a traditional alarm clock you will not be able to do this, so you can skip to the next point. But if you’re the one who uses the phone to wake you up in the morning , keep reading.

A good trick that I use when I find it hard to get up early is to put several alarms so I do not get stuck to the sheets.

For example: if I have to wake up at 8, an alarm set at 7:45 , another at 7:50 , another at 7:55 , and finally the last at 8:00 .

So, when the alarm goes off several times, you end up getting tired of having to turn it off every 5 minutes, and you’ll force yourself to get up.

I know it’s not the ultimate solution for getting out of bed, but it ‘s a good strategy especially at first if you find it hard to wake up soon.

Up early

6. Do not touch your phone at night

Since technology has entered our lives many studies have been done of all kinds. And several of them have studied how it affects our quality of sleep to look at the screens of a computer or a mobile phone.

All of them concluded that the light emitted by these devices is harmful both to catch the dream , and to rest correctly at night, as it alters our brain functions.

So he fixes a day without screens at night.

Do not look any kind of screen one hour before going to sleep ; Instead, use that time to talk with your family, or to read a good book.

Up early

7. Keep schedules to go to sleep

I know this is the same thing that I have been saying in the previous points, but it never hurts to repeat it: keep the same times to go to bed and wake up if you do not want to rest little and bad.

This is a key tool to overcome this challenge because in this way your body will become accustomed to sleep and always get up at the same time.

Up early

When I woke up …

8. Find out why you want to get up early

As for almost everything in life, motivation and having a positive mind are key to achieving any goal. And to wake you up soon are also factors that play an important role.

Tell me, what is your main reason why you want to get up early? Is it to be able to do more things and increase your productivity? To leave home more relaxed without so much hurry?

To make the most of the day? Whatever your reason, look for it , and when you have it, write it down so you can read it at any time.

You can do it on a piece of paper to fold it and always carry it with you, in a notebook where you have positive phrases, on a cardboard to hang it on a wall of your room …

In this way, each time you feel your strength falter and you will not be able to continue waking up soon, you will be able to look at that reason (or reasons) and regain motivation to achieve it.

Up early

9. Maintain a routine when you wake up

When you wake up, you do not know what you’re going to do next? Then you are preparing yourself so that your day does not go as well as you would like , and that will make when night comes do not sleep properly .

It is important that from the first second you open your eyes, you know what you are going to do , the steps you are going to take, and repeat that routine daily.

This is how you will become a system that little by little your body will perform without any effort.

For example, what I do is wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, and organize all the tasks I have to do during the day, such as work, leisure time, physical exercise, etc.

At first it was not easy to follow all these steps, but after a few days I got used to it and now I do it automatically.

10. Think positive about getting up in the morning

The thoughts you have in the first few minutes of the morning will be the ones you send throughout the rest of your day.

If you think it will be a busy day of work, or another day when nothing interesting will happen, your mood will stay low until you fall asleep at night.

Instead, when we have a special or fun event in the day, such as a birthday, hanging out with your friends, or a nice dinner, we get up thinking about it, and during the day we have a positive attitude no matter what happens to us.

Try to make your first thought in the morning something beautiful , positive and happy, or imagine the plans you will make in the future, and you will see how each morning costs you less to get up early.

Up early

You already have all the tools, tricks and information you need to get up early, so now is the time for you to take action to get it too.

You will see that little by little, taking one step after another, it will be simpler than you thought to reach your goal .

Leave me a comment down here to know what you think and tell me: what is your biggest obstacle to getting up early each day?


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