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10 tips to get up early without feeling tired



The alarm sounds. You open your eyes half-frightened. You look at the clock and think, damn, it’s time to stand up again .. .
But your body does not answer. You’re too tired , and it seems like it was only five minutes ago when you went to bed the night before.
Give them everything: turn off the alarm, and return to tuck under your warm sheets to continue sleeping a little more …
We will help you with our 10 tips to get up early without feeling tired.

Why is it so hard for you to get up early?

We would all like to wake up each morning rested and full of energy to start the day, instead of feeling that the bed catches us like a magnet from which we can not take off.

And surely more than once while you were taking advantage of those five minutes more between the sheets you will have thought ” why is it difficult for me to get up? “.

The key to overcoming it lies in understanding why.


We are each different and the reasons can be very varied, but the main reasons why you cling to your bed and do not feel like getting up are:

  • Do not sleep enough hours : asking your body to wake up without resting enough hours is like asking a car to start without gas.
  • You do not have a few set hours to go to sleep and wake up : routine is very important for our body to function properly. If you wake up every day at a different time, you will be driving your body crazy because you will not know what time it should start working.
  • You do not have systems to get it : getting up early is not just a matter of putting on your watch and waiting for it to ring. You have to define a few steps to get it, change your attitude, and strive to reach that goal.
  • You feel tired during the day and that makes you give up : waking up soon costs effort in the early days, and perhaps you feel that your strength throughout the day is still low. But you do not have to give up.
  • You do not have a fixed ritual at night : if one day you strive to go to sleep, but the rest are still entertaining you with television, playing with your phone, or watching videos on your computer, it is very difficult for you to take a constant habit with The one that accustom your body to go to sleep sooner.

You must find out which of these are the reasons that are preventing you from getting up early without feeling tired so that you can tackle the root problem, and know what exact steps are you to take to achieve it.

What is the ideal time to go to sleep?

Before telling you what tricks you can use to get up early and rested, it is important that you know what is your best time to go to sleep .

This is the first thing you must be clear about to reach your goal successfully; If you do not get enough sleep, it will be very difficult to implement the different steps to get it.

So here I want you to do this little exercise to calculate what your ideal time to go to sleep. Take a paper and pencil and note the following:

  • Write down what time you should wake up each day. If it is not regular (every day you can wake up at a different time), make an average schedule to have a fixed habit.
  • Give him 8 hours . That is the recommended amount of time to rest well each night. If you want to wake up at 7 in the morning, for example, your initial time to go to bed would be 11 at night.
  • Try those hours for a week . If every day you wake up rested and energized, you have already discovered the best time for you. On the other hand, if you notice that you are still getting tired, you can adjust it by taking one hour more (sleeping at 10 o’clock instead of 11 o’clock). But if you do not need to sleep many hours, you can also add one more hour (go to bed at 12 and sleep 7 hours instead of 8).

Up early

Although it is a very simple exercise, it will help you a lot to find out your best hours of rest. But remember to stick to your schedule and do not break it any day.

This exercise will not do you any good if you go to bed at 11 o’clock the first few days, and the rest you go to sleep at 1 o’clock in the morning to stay hooked watching your favorite series.

10 tricks to get up early without feeling tired

Before sleep…

1. Put your alarm clock away from your bed

This is the simplest trick but also one of the most effective. Putting the alarm clock away from your bed will force you to have to leave it to turn it off.

And that will greatly “kill” your desire to go back under the sheets to continue sleeping, and thus you will get up at the time you had marked.Up early

2. Take a hot bath at night

If you feel that when you go to bed you do not have a pinch of sleep, a good way to relax your muscles and be more predisposed to rest is to give yourself a good hot bath .

This will de-stress you and get better sleep later.

You can also combine this trick with listening to some guided relaxation once you are inside the bed so that the relaxation of your body is total.

Up early

3. Do not drink caffeinated beverages or eat chocolate!

Coffee, Coca Cola, some types of tea, or drinks like Red Bull are a solution to wake up in the morning for the caffeine content they have (although you should not abuse them).

But taking them at night is a very bad idea because they will stimulate your nervous system and keep you awake until very late . So avoid taking them even in the afternoon.

And what about chocolate? Believe it or not, chocolate also contains caffeine! In fact, taking 100 grams of chocolate is the same as drinking a cup of well-loaded coffee.

I recognize that in this I am guilty because I love to take a piece of chocolate after dinner, and it is a bad habit with which I still fight from time to time.

But if you are like me, resist temptation and do not take it at night!


Up early

4. Organize your room better

The place where your bed is placed with respect to the rest of your room can make you sleep dreaming of the little angels, or that your rest is a real nightmare …

Well, it’s actually a bit exaggerated to say so, but it’s true that the orientation of your bed can help you sleep better.

Many scientific studies show that if our bed is placed in a place from which you can see your door , and “control” your entire room, you will rest better.

Why? Because this conveys a sense of security , your mind feels that nothing bad can happen to you, and relaxes it by getting you to sleep better.

If you can and the space of your room allows you, change the position of your bed so you can see your door better.

Up early

5. Program your alarm clock with several alarms

If you have a traditional alarm clock you will not be able to do this, so you can skip to the next point. But if you’re the one who uses the phone to wake you up in the morning , keep reading.

A good trick that I use when I find it hard to get up early is to put several alarms so I do not get stuck to the sheets.

For example: if I have to wake up at 8, an alarm set at 7:45 , another at 7:50 , another at 7:55 , and finally the last at 8:00 .

So, when the alarm goes off several times, you end up getting tired of having to turn it off every 5 minutes, and you’ll force yourself to get up.

I know it’s not the ultimate solution for getting out of bed, but it ‘s a good strategy especially at first if you find it hard to wake up soon.

Up early

6. Do not touch your phone at night

Since technology has entered our lives many studies have been done of all kinds. And several of them have studied how it affects our quality of sleep to look at the screens of a computer or a mobile phone.

All of them concluded that the light emitted by these devices is harmful both to catch the dream , and to rest correctly at night, as it alters our brain functions.

So he fixes a day without screens at night.

Do not look any kind of screen one hour before going to sleep ; Instead, use that time to talk with your family, or to read a good book.

Up early

7. Keep schedules to go to sleep

I know this is the same thing that I have been saying in the previous points, but it never hurts to repeat it: keep the same times to go to bed and wake up if you do not want to rest little and bad.

This is a key tool to overcome this challenge because in this way your body will become accustomed to sleep and always get up at the same time.

Up early

When I woke up …

8. Find out why you want to get up early

As for almost everything in life, motivation and having a positive mind are key to achieving any goal. And to wake you up soon are also factors that play an important role.

Tell me, what is your main reason why you want to get up early? Is it to be able to do more things and increase your productivity? To leave home more relaxed without so much hurry?

To make the most of the day? Whatever your reason, look for it , and when you have it, write it down so you can read it at any time.

You can do it on a piece of paper to fold it and always carry it with you, in a notebook where you have positive phrases, on a cardboard to hang it on a wall of your room …

In this way, each time you feel your strength falter and you will not be able to continue waking up soon, you will be able to look at that reason (or reasons) and regain motivation to achieve it.

Up early

9. Maintain a routine when you wake up

When you wake up, you do not know what you’re going to do next? Then you are preparing yourself so that your day does not go as well as you would like , and that will make when night comes do not sleep properly .

It is important that from the first second you open your eyes, you know what you are going to do , the steps you are going to take, and repeat that routine daily.

This is how you will become a system that little by little your body will perform without any effort.

For example, what I do is wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, and organize all the tasks I have to do during the day, such as work, leisure time, physical exercise, etc.

At first it was not easy to follow all these steps, but after a few days I got used to it and now I do it automatically.

10. Think positive about getting up in the morning

The thoughts you have in the first few minutes of the morning will be the ones you send throughout the rest of your day.

If you think it will be a busy day of work, or another day when nothing interesting will happen, your mood will stay low until you fall asleep at night.

Instead, when we have a special or fun event in the day, such as a birthday, hanging out with your friends, or a nice dinner, we get up thinking about it, and during the day we have a positive attitude no matter what happens to us.

Try to make your first thought in the morning something beautiful , positive and happy, or imagine the plans you will make in the future, and you will see how each morning costs you less to get up early.

Up early

You already have all the tools, tricks and information you need to get up early, so now is the time for you to take action to get it too.

You will see that little by little, taking one step after another, it will be simpler than you thought to reach your goal .

Leave me a comment down here to know what you think and tell me: what is your biggest obstacle to getting up early each day?


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how to lose weight fast

Gaining weight is the result of dining on excessive amounts of junk food products in addition to insufficient workout sessions. A lot of explanations can be found as to why people eat excessive food amounts and will not obtain adequate exercise. Though, an individual’s best ways to lose weight consist of some exercise and nutritious diets. We will answer this question : How to Lose Weight Fast ?

One reason why individuals will not obtain adequate exercise is finding an exercise she or he enjoys is occasionally difficult. In the city, the opportunity to walk or bicycle every day might not be present. Residing in the country, traveling to a fitness center possibly will be challenging. As a result, a dieter must discover exercises to engage in dependent on the area they live.

One more reason as to why people will not exercise enough is he or she may lack free time. Lifestyles in society today are hectic with employment and family. Thus, a lot of individuals do not possess free time just for herself or himself. Nevertheless, dedicating thirty minutes each day to exercise is extremely important in decreasing extra weight. Obtaining ten minutes here and there is helpful.

The main reason as to why people consume excessive food amounts is a stressful lifestyle. A stressful lifestyle will cause higher levels of cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol could produce desires for sweet and salty food items. Whenever sugary and salty food items are consumed in excess amounts excess weight is gained. Hence, excellent ways for dropping pounds when under pressure consist of acquiring ways to handle stressful situations. A number of individuals practice yoga, meditation and martial arts for handling stress. Others engage in laughter, breathing exercises and listening to tunes. All those tactics help to return cortisol levels back to normal. Whatever technique preferred, dieters will need to locate techniques for dealing with stressful lifestyles if gaining weight will not be wanted.

One more reason as to why individuals eat abundant food quantities is boredom. Many people eat food whenever bored. If ingesting abundant food quantities on account of this situation, an individual’s best ways to lose weight will be locating ways in which to remain occupied. A number of people engage in a pastime. Engaging in activities which are not indoors for example snapping pictures, hiking or maybe fishing will be ideal. That way, food items are not readily available. Also, they involve people to move. Movement of any kind assists in losing weight.

One more explanation why people dine on abundant food quantities is emotional problems. Loss of work is usually hard on people. Death of a person’s relative, spouse or close friend is usually emotionally troubling too. As a result, many individuals rely on food items to cope with these troubles and then weight is put on. As a result, a person’s best ways to lose weight is finding techniques to manage those complications without food products.

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12 Healthy Mixed Juice Combination To Energize You And Your Family




No one can deny that the importance of juices in our daily diet is immense. Neither can anyone refute the fact that juices are probably the best part of any diet to keep you healthy, strong and fit. Today, I will talk about 12 mixed juice combination here which will help energize you and your family in lot of various ways. These 12 mixed juices are often made by mixing a few (one or two or many) fruits and vegetables. This is done to get the best out of these fruits and vegetables. Drinking mere juices of these individual fruits and vegetables is also very helpful; however, when these fruits and vegetables are mixed together and drank, the goodness just amplifies by many folds.

We will talk about these juices in details later sometime; but for now, let me just give you the combinations and their one liner benefits.

Carrot Ginger Apple

The mixed juice created by adding Carrot, Ginger and Apple boosts energy and cleanses your system.

Banana Pineapple Milk

Banana and Pineapple Milkshake is rich in Vitamins with other nutritious and is known and famous to prevent constipation.

Apple Cucumber Celery

A combination juice of Apple, Cucumber and Celery helps prevent diseases like cancer, reduce cholesterol and helps to eliminate stomach upsets and headaches.

Tomato Carrot Apple

Add Tomato, Carrot and Apple together and this will improve your skin complexion and will eliminate bad breath.

Bitter gourd Apple Milk

Add up Bitter gourd and Apple to your regular glass of Milk and this will help you avoid bad breath and will also reduce internal body heat that can cause insomnia, headache and even fever.

Honeydew Grape Watermelon Milk

This combination is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 which increases cell activity and strengthens body immunity towards many environmental factors.

Orange Ginger Cucumber

To improve your skin texture and increase moisture content in your skin, and to reduce body heat, create a mixed juice adding Orange and Cucumber with a hint of Ginger.

Pineapple Apple Watermelon

To dispel excess salts and nourish the urinary bladder and take care of your kidney overall, add Pineapple, Apple and Watermelon. This mixed healthy juice would be cool and nice one in summers.

Papaya Pineapple Milk

This combination is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron. This mixed juice would help to improve skin complexion and internal body metabolism.

Apple Cucumber Kiwi

To improve skin complexion, add up Apple, Cucumber and Kiwi, the fruit from New Zealand.

Pear & Banana

Pear and Banana, added and drank together will help you to regulate sugar content in your blood. This is not a medicine for diabetes for sure, but has shown good results in the regular drinkers of this mixed juice.

Carrot Apple Pear Mango

3 fruits, Apple, Pear and Mango when added to a vegetable, Carrot will give us a mixed juice that will help reduce body heat, counteract toxicity, and also decrease blood pressure. This combination is also known to fight oxidization.

These are the 12 mixed juices, which are equally healthy for you and your family. Do remember that these are not medicines, but they will surely help in keeping your body fit, strong and healthy. All the best!

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How to Handle Difficult People




How-to-Handle-Difficult-PeopleNothing can spoil a great day faster than dealing with this question : How to Handle Difficult People ? They call these folks toxic for good reason. Not only are they plain rotten, but their stress and hostility can raise your blood pressure and cause your body to churn out stress hormones. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to sweeten this sour situation. We asked women in jobs where things can get ugly fast what tricks they rely on to handle trying moments with toxic people. Here’s what they had to say:

“A trip to the ER is almost always a stressful experience, and it can bring out the worst in some people. When I find myself dealing with a patient who won’t calm down, I deliberately speak more slowly. I find the person will start to mimic my pace of speech, and in turn, start to calm down enough to see that I’m on their side and want to help.”
-Ammara, emergency room nurse

“Whenever someone in my office is upset, I put myself in the other person’s shoes and try to see their side of the story. I’ve found it really helps if I pause and remember to treat them the way I’d like to be treated myself. And of course, if that doesn’t work, don’t try to handle it alone. Get a supervisor or coworker to help you.”
-Elexandra, unemployment claims manager

“Once I was stuck in a contract with an impossible-to-please client. He would be very vague about what he wanted, then say what I delivered wasn’t what he asked for. I solved the problem by putting it back on him. I’d say, ‘We need to work together on this. What is it exactly that you want to accomplish, and how can I help you achieve it?’ It worked so well, I’ve used the technique ever since.”
-Marie, independent contractor

“An important part of my job is to get people and departments to work together and meet aggressive deadlines. I’ve found when I encounter a personality clash, the best way to handle it is to keep exchanges highly professional, only discuss work-related issues and limit one-on-one interactions. That way, it simply doesn’t have a chance to get personal. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to like everyone and not everyone is going to like me, but we have to find a way to work together. I also make sure that the way I’m acting isn’t making things worse. Refuse to participate in the bickering, and they’ll move on to a more interesting target.”
-Laurie, software project manager

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Health benefits of pumpkin



Health benefits of pumpkinNot only do pumpkins have an understated taste that lends itself well to a variety of dishes, they also offer a host of health benefits including antioxidants that are hugely beneficial to our bodies. After reading this post you will be amazed to know the health benefits of pumpkin.

Supremely rich in beta-carotene – a form of antioxidant that helps bodies fight free radicals – due to the distinctive bright orange color of its flesh, eating a beta-carotene rich diet can greatly reduce the chances of developing certain cancers.

Beside the healthfulness of pumpkin flesh, these healthy properties also extends to its seeds which are most commonly eaten dried. Pumpkin seeds are high in copper, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, zinc and essential fatty acids and are commonly used in the treatment of illnesses such as kidney, gallbladder and prostate problems. Furthermore, they also help remove tapeworm and roundworm from intestines.

Eating pumpkin also has anti-inflammatory benefits in arthritis and is great for your skin too – vitamins A and C, as well as zinc and alpha-hydroxy-acids helps to reduce the signs of aging.

Try and incorporate some pumpkin into your diet and reap the health benefits of this fantastic vegetable.

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Health benefits of cucumber




health-benefits-of-cucumberCucumber is a fruit and a member of the cucurbitaceae family. Like melon, squash and pumpkins, it is very high in water and very low in calories and an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C and folic acid. In this post I will tell you health benefits of cucumber.

The high water content makes cucumbers a diuretic and it also has a cleansing action within the body by removing accumulated pockets of old waste material and chemical toxins. Cucumbers help eliminate uric acid which is beneficial for those who has arthritis and its fiber-rich skin and their high levels of potassium and manganese helps regulate blood pressure and help promote nutrient functions. The magnesium content in cucumbers also relaxes nerves and muscles and keeps blood circulating smoothly.

Other reported health benefits of cucumber include:

  • Helps in kidney and urinary bladder disease
  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatic disease
  • promotes hair growth due to its high silicon and sulfur content
  • Treatment of pyorrhea

The benefits of cucumber extends to external use in the form of skin lotion. It is also good for reducing heat and inflammation and treating tired eyes and removing the under eye bags.

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Health benefits of Sweet Potato




Health benefits of Sweet PotatoSweet potato is a low-calories and fat free vegetable with an abundance of healthy minerals such as beta-carotene, Vitamin A, C and E, magnesium, potassium and rich in antioxidants. Learn more the health benefits of sweet potato.

These nutrients and minerals help to protect against heart attack and stroke, reducing blood pressure and maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body cells. Studies on animals have also shown that diabetics would benefit from a diet which includes sweet potatoes as they help to stabilize blood sugar levels and to lower insulin resistance. Taking into consideration of fiber content, complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium plus the other aforementioned minerals, the sweet potato is ranked highest in nutritional value amongst other vegetables.

Other reported health benefits of sweet potato include:

  • Relieving the symptoms of stomach ulcers and inflamed conditions of the colon
  • Hemorrhoids (piles)
  • Cancer prevention in glands and organs with epithelial tissue

Nutritive Values of sweet potato (per 100 gm) are:

  • Vitamin A : 7,700 I.U.
  • Vitamin B : Thiamine .09 mg.
  • Riboflavin : .05 mg.
  • Niacin : .6 mg.
  • Vitamin C : 22 mg.
  • Calcium : 30 mg.
  • Iron : .7 mg.
  • Phosphorus : 49 mg.
  • Potassium : 300 mg.
  • Fat : .7 gm.
  • Carbohydrates : 27.9 gm.
  • Protein : 1.8 gm.
  • Calories : 123

Sweet potatoes are available in many forms and varieties but none of them tend to store well. They should be stored in cool, dark and dry places out of direct sunlight

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Health benefits of Kiwifruit




health-benefits-of-kiwi-fruitDid you know the health benefits of kiwifruit. It is very rich in many vitamins and minerals. In fact, it is so jam packed with nutrients that it ranks as the most nutrient-rich of the top 26 fruits consumed in the world today.
It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C (in terms of density) and has banana-rivalling amounts of potassium and trace amounts of vitamin A (beta carotene) plus various other vitamins and minerals such as inositol.

Children who consume kiwifruit as part of their regular diet of fruit and vegies have demonstrated additional health benefits to the respiratory tract while adults who enjoy their kiwis will be glad to know that an antimutagenic component present in the fruit helps prevent the mutations of genes that may initiate the cancer process.

Kiwifruits are also high in dietary fiber which helps diabetics by controlling sugar levels and helping to expel toxic compounds in the colon.
Other specific health conditions which kiwifruits are found to benefit are:

  • Depression.
  • Eye Health/Macular Degeneration.
  • Hypertension.
  • Impotence.
  • Stress Reduction.
  • Weight Control.

Kiwifruits tend to be at their best during the summer months as they grow in temperate climates with adequate summer heat but are typically enjoyed all year round.

So there….who would have guessed a fruit as small as a large hen’s egg could be so full of healthy vitamins and minerals?

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Health Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements




Benefits of Fish oil supplements are so many for human body, in particular, to some of the body’s most vital organs – the heart, brain, and the nervous system.

his is because the fatty acids taken from deep sea, cold water fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are the building blocks of the human brain, nervous system and essential to a healthy heart by regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body, amongst other things. According to many studies, fish oils have shown to increase the body’s good cholesterol levels, as well as possibly stabilizing the electrical system in heart cells, to prevent abnormal heart rhythms.

A new research just released lends further credibility to these claims with studies showing fish oil supplements can help patients with chronic heart failure.

While people should still try and incorporate proper seafood – at least two servings of fish per week – in their diet, this isn’t always possible due to a variety of reasons thus making fish oil supplements a convenient and cost effective substitute for a seafood feast.

Besides its heart health benefits, fish oil supplements are also beneficial for the relief of conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis and may also reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer.

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Health Benefits of Black Beans




The health benefits of Black Beans are Perhaps less popular and mainstream than other varieties of beans, the black bean aka turtle beans is just as, if not, more jam-packed with health benefits due to its high fiber and protein content, fat free properties and antioxidants than many other types of (colored) beans.
Firstly, the high fiber content in Black Beans helps regulate blood sugar levels and as such, is very beneficial for sufferers of diabetes or hypoglycaemia. Completely fat-free, Black Beans are also a very rich source of protein (great for gym fanatics) but perhaps the most important one of all is its richness in antioxidants.

black-beans-salsaAntioxidants are essential for destroying free radicals and offers the body protection against heart disease, cancer and aging. According to some studies, Black Beans are so rich in antioxidants that it ranks in first place when calculated on a gram for gram basis, above other varieties of beans including red, brown and yellow. This is due largely in part to the dark skin nature of Black Beans with these darker colors associated with higher levels of flavonoids – a class of metabolites known for high antioxidant activity.

Available throughout the year in dried and canned forms, Black Beans can be used in a variety of applications ranging from salads to stews.

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