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5 Best Hair Loss Prevention Massage Techniques

Nourishing your hair with infused hair friendly oils are quite effective to attain beautiful strong healthy hair.

Mostly men are looking for scalp hair loss solutions that affect their personality badly at very early ages. The condition need immediate cure with lots of remedies available in the market. The women do suffer with the hair fall conditions. The start of hair loss results in emerging of bald patches. Dermatologists and hair specialists suggest surgical hair transplants as well as new hair weaving. Men and women both prefer and look for natural cures that are cost effective and reliable. Oil massage and chiropractic techniques present extraordinary results to control and lessen the hair loss disorders.

There are several massage techniques that can be utilized to prevent hair loss along with physical and mental stress relief. Six of them are discussed briefly in the coming paragraphs.

  1. Widely Practiced Indian Massage

Ancient Traditional Indian scalp massage is a household massage technique practiced in most of the Asian countries. These techniques are transferred as a cultural heritage from generations to generations. Tabla hair massage is carried out in a similar fashion as drumming the ancient table musical instrument played in subcontinent. Fingers are used to tap the head slowly like rain drops falling resulting in terrific stress relief as well.

Champi technique taps the head with mild force with fingers spread and hand in praying gesture. Self massage is yet another traditionally common massage technique to support hair growth. People can do it for few minutes daily by themselves with results expected within few months.

  1. Oriental Massage

The oriental massage is done by placing the fingers at centre of the head and tapping it in one are several times, slowly reaching other scalp areas, and in the end tapping back to the centre of head. This will greatly hep in removing dead cells and strengthening of scalp.

  1. Scalp Massage Indonesian Practices

In this self scalp massage one uses his knuckles to tap the head. It is a traditional massage technique and a part of Indonesian culture. You have to do it with special body exercise and breathing procedure. You are required to keep small distance between your feet while standing and breathing slowly and deeply. Lean forward from waist, curving till your head attains a height nearly under waist, with straight legs. Use knuckles to tap the scalp with mild force for nearly a minute and continue till getting back to standing position.

  1. Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Nourishing your hair with infused hair friendly oils are quite effective to attain beautiful strong healthy hair. These essential oils may include olive, sesame, almond, coconut etc. Massage the root of your hairs gently with your fingers in circular pattern. Continue this till you wish.

  1. Scalp Treatment with Onion

It is the treatment method for the hair-follicles and helps in repairing the damaged areas. Hair growth is observed with half a month. Make a blend of onion and honey and massage it directly to scalp. Rinse your hair shampoo after half an hour.

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