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5 Essential Oils For Sleep Well And Relaxation


The aromatic essences, more known as essential oils have many virtues and can be added to creams, perfumes, ointments, bath oils, etc. Let’s discover how 5 essential oils for sleep well and relaxation can improve the quality of your sleep.

1 – The essential oil of basil


Basil, well known for its strong smell and delicately spicy taste, was already considered by Aristotle as a “royal plant.” It can be used in various forms depending on the desired effect: infuse, spray, applying basil locally or oral solution … To design the essential oil of basil, leaves and flowers that are used distilled to the Steam Bath. Basil essential oil is indicated for the treatment of anxiety or insomnia nerve. To relieve sleep problems, basil essential oil can be used in diffusion in a room or massage, diluted in a vegetable oil. Massage also soothe muscle or digestive spasms and anxiety. The essential oil diffusion of basil, meanwhile, will refresh the atmosphere of the room and soothe brain fatigue. Its many virtues make an ally of choice to regain his composure before endormir.

To know

Cultivated both in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere, basil is native to Asia. There are over 150 basil varieties listed across the world.



The basil essential oil should not be used during pregnancy, particularly during the first 3 months.

It is also irritating to sensitive skin. Think of the test on a small portion of skin prior to a wider massage.


2 – The essential oil of chamomile and its relaxing properties


For a long time, chamomile is known for its ability to treat fever and calm nervousness. Present in the composition of many drugs, chamomile is also used in surgery to relieve anxiety and reassure the patient. Like basil, chamomile essential oil can be distributed in a room. Its calming properties allow people with insomnia to allay their stress. Chamomile is also recommended in cases of depression and nerveuses crises. The essential oil of chamomile can be administered to children, including babies who have difficulty falling asleep, one drop only to spread in the back of the Child. Remember to talk to your pediatrician before application. Known by some parents for its soothing properties, chamomile tea can be given safely – but without abusing it – babies during outbreaks of teeth.

To note

There are different varieties of chamomile, but all can be used to calm and soothe both the muscles and the nervous system. The difference is on the digestive and respiratory properties. Feverfew is known for its effects on migraines as German chamomile is indicated in the treatment of digestive disorders.



The essential oil use chamomile is recommended for pregnant women, especially in the first four months of pregnancy.


3 – Lavender, a natural sedative


This Mediterranean plant, whose name comes from the Latin “lavare” which means “purification”, is primarily known for its strong odor, immediately recognizable. Lavender is also known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is often recommended because of its calming properties in addition to its agréable1 odor. Added to bath water or taking herbal tea, lavender essential oil acts as an anxiolytic and as a mild sleeping pill. It is used to relax or to fight a particular anxiety or stress, lavender essential oil and participate in relaxation. Like basil and chamomile, lavender can be broadcast in a room to calm the irritation and soothe agitation. In migraine, massage the temples with pure essential oil will relieve pain and promote sleep. Lavender can be used by all members of the family but also the pets to protect them from pests and soigner2. Some essential oil of lavender taste it on the pillow of children will allow them to relax when they do not sleep at home, for example.


The lavender essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women until the 4th month of pregnancy. In patients with a history of miscarriage, it is advisable to wait even longer before using this oil. Ask your doctor.


4 – Clary sage, “good for all”


Used in China, Europe, Egypt, South America and North America, Sage has always been used for various reasons and to cure various diseases. Whether to increase the fertility of women, to tone, to treat snake bites, to treat respiratory problems or treat warts, sage is indicated in many cases. Unlike sage, very used in some culinaires preparations and herbal tea, clary sage is used in perfumery and aromatherapy. It replaces the essential oil of sage, neurotoxic without dilution. It can help to calm down and even fall asleep. Its distribution is not recommended for anyone wishing to drive, then work, as its sedative action is strong. It is therefore natural to tense recommended people stressed and who have difficulty falling asleep. It should nevertheless be taken to avoid overdose that could cause a sore ranked first.


The essential oil of clary sage is recommended for pregnant women as well as second part of the female cycle, ie after ovulation. In addition, the essential oil of sage should not be associated with alcohol, under penalty of having nausea.



Among the hundreds of existing species of sage, some are toxic in large doses and known for their properties “abortion” (= who had an abortion).


5 – The essential oil of marjoram for a good sleep


Not to be confused with oregano, which belongs to the same botanical variety, marjoram is native of the Mediterranean basin. perennial, it can be used at home and at work for its calming properties: it soothes people and avoids conflict. Soothing the stress, worry and pessimism, it would help to find peace after a hectic day or disturbing events. It can be added to bath water to soothe and help sleep. Combined with chamomile, lavender and sage, it can be sprayed in a room night for insomnie1. Nevertheless avoid spraying marjoram in children’s rooms because it is discouraged them.


Marjoram was used in Egypt in embalming the dead rituals. An old French tradition was the 1st of May to hang bunches of marjoram the windows of houses. So passers-by could see that a daughter of the house was marier.



People suffering from asthma and seizures shall keep away from this oil and prefer others like lavender or sage. It is also recommended for pregnant women.

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