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5 great ideas for a healthy breakfast


Take a breakfast is important to control her appetite during the day. It’s also a great way to refuel energy for work or school! But if you experience hunger pangs at around 10 or 11 am, this is often due to a too light or no breakfast.

Yet it is a well-known situation by those who follow a diet or are very picky about their food. They prefer to opt for a light meal first, to reduce the calories ingested during the day. In this case, the best solution is to opt for a breakfast of both dietary and consistant.

To help, Slim More Younger reveals today 5 ideas for a breakfast that will avoid this feeling of hunger without harming your line!

1. Drinks

Drink tea or coffee with zero calories at breakfast has a very beneficial effect on the body. The drink helps to rehydrate the body because it has lost part of its water during the night. You can also choose the tea, squeezed lemon juice or low-fat cocoa, or 60 calories per cup. There is also the skimmed milk should not exceed the 10 cl representing a contribution of 35 calories and the milk drink with soy dose of 40 calories. This is the equivalent of a cup of 10 cl.
Of course, you avoid putting sugar in it! But hydration is a first step to reduce the feeling of hunger.

2. Cereals and Derivatives

Because of intolerances to gluten , some cereals are placed on the bench. Yet they are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. These are recommended by nutritionists for a balanced diet.

Why are these carbohydrates so important? Just because you need energy and they remain the best fuel for the body. The only requirement is to choose carbohydrates that will be absorbed at low speed by the body. They thus constitute a reserve of interesting energy for the whole day.

Among the dietary selection, you have a choice of 20 g of cereal bread (50 calories), a biscuit in his (35 calories) or 40 g of oatmeal (140 calories). These contain fiber and protein, excellent for our organization and known for their satiating appearance. You will also find reduced-fat cereal to help you avoid blaming yourself.

3. The Butter enriched Omega 3

Contrary to popular belief, all fats are bad for health. There are a large number of products containing omega 3 , fats essential to our body. These are essential fatty acids that help your body eliminate bad cholesterol. So you can opt for this type of butter, without feeling guilty, and spread it on your cereal bread or toast to her.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

You must have heard a thousand times that eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health. You also often read here, just because it’s reality!
The breakfast is an opportunity to stock up on vitamins and minerals in these types of food. In addition you are spoiled for choice with fruit and vegetables in season . In this way, you can vary your breakfast while respecting the permitted number of calories. You just have to prepare a fruit salad (85 calories per 150g) or a fresh fruit compote (100 calories per 150g). A glass of vegetable juice (tomato, carrot, celery) contains just 40 calories. As for fruit, a glass of orange or grapefruit juice contains 65 calories. Eat as is, the fruit is low in calories (75 calories).
The advantage is that it fills you up and at worst, you can always take an apple or banana to the office to eat if hungry at 11am.

5. Dairy products

As part of a diet, protein foods help to calm the appetite and maintain muscle mass. This is why the need to involve dairy products for a balanced diet. You can eat a yogurt with 0% which provides 50 calories per pot.
Otherwise, you can opt for white cheese 0% with only 75 calories per 150 g. It goes well with bread and crackers for a full and healthy breakfast. You also have the option to choose a dairy dessert with soya whose calorie intake is very low with 50 calories per pot.

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