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5 super foods to boost your natural energy

“Fatigue is one of the great evils of our society, but rather than looking for ways to permanently hunt it, we simply mask it by drinking coffee, tea or energy drinks to keep it going,” explains naturopath Charlotte Raut. To regain shape and vital energy, the author of Boost your energy without caffeine to the natural proposes to drop the coffee machine in favor of 5 super foods to boost your natural energy.

1 – The germinated seeds

Stress and pollution cause deficiency, devitalization and oxidation. Consuming germinated seeds helps to deal with these aggressions by revitalizing our body.

How to consume them?

The germinated seeds are always eaten raw in order to preserve their nutritive qualities. They are found in trays in the fresh department of organic shops. Add them to a vegetable salad, soup, fresh vegetable juice (1 to 2 handles in a juice extractor) or on a slice of fresh goat cheese bread.

Note: sprouted seeds eaten at night may prevent some sensitive people from sleeping.

2 – Green juices

Green juices (or green smoothies ) are juices made with an extractor from green vegetables. They are especially rich in chlorophyll, which has a real power of oxygenation of the blood. They are also beneficial for the great stressed ones who risk having an inflammatory ground.

How to consume them?

The juice extractor is the ideal solution because its extraction process makes it possible to conserve a maximum of micronutrients. The centrifuge is a faster and cheaper alternative.

Cucumber is a good base for green juice as it brings plenty of water as well as potassium. Combine with green leafy vegetables (spinach, green cabbage, kale cabbage, broom leaves …) and other green vegetables (zucchini, broccoli flowers, fennel …). To soften the taste a little, add an apple or a pear. But the quantity of fruit must not exceed one third of the volume.

Note: drink these green juices in the morning on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before the meal to make the most of their benefits.

3 – Wheat germ

It is the most nutritious part of the wheat grain. Prefer a raw organic wheat germ, which has not undergone any transformation and is therefore richer nutritionally.

How to consume it?

Gradually introduce it into your diet starting with a teaspoon to check that you have no tolerance problem. Increase gradually to 1 to 2 tablespoons per day. Sprinkle with wheat germ smoothies, fruit salads, compotes or salads of raw vegetables. But do not sprinkle hot foods: being very fragile, it can not stand to be cooked or heated.

Note: Regular cures of 1 month. If you prefer to consume it on a long-term basis, take breaks (1 week a month or two days a week, for example).

4 – Fresh pollen

It is particularly indicated for its revitalizing and anti fatigue benefits during a weaning of caffeine. But also to changes of season to avoid fatigue.

How to consume it?

Frozen pollen is the one that best keeps its virtues. Sold in a tray, it allows to make a cure of 3 weeks approximately. Consume a small spoonful of fresh pollen in the morning at breakfast. You can add it to a fruit puree or yogurt if you find it too acidic.

5 – Spirulina

Spirulina is part of what are called “blue algae”. Its nutritional profile is one of the most complete that can be found in nature. This micro-algae of fresh water brings all essential vitamins and trace elements in a highly assimilable form. It also contains more calcium than milk and is one of the richest foods in magnesium.

How to consume it?

Prefer spirulina in filaments because it keeps its active principles better. Start with a half a teaspoonful a day for a week to go up to one to two teaspoons a day. Add it to your smoothies, vegetable juices, seasoning salads by mixing it with oil.

Note: to fight against exhaustion, consume spirulina 5 days out of 7 for 3 months. Otherwise, do a one-month course at each change of season.

How to get rid of caffeine?

When caffeine is removed from daily use, it is normal to feel tired for a few days or even to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches. So that this weaning takes place without too much inconvenience:

• Begin a weekend to rest.

• Decrease caffeine gradually. Start by dividing your daily dose by two. When your body gets used to it, further decrease by half until caffeine is completely removed.

• Drink plenty of water to allow your body to cleanse and remove any trace of caffeine. If you miss too much coffee, replace it with Ayurvedic herbal teas that contain synergies of energizing spices.

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