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A cancer patient saved through vertebrae 3D printed


3D printing has helped save the life of a patient with cancer in Australia. A surgeon implanted vertebrae 3D printed.

In Australia, a patient with a rare cancer that attacks the spine was saved through the use of technology 3D printing and bold surgeon. Two of the cervical vertebrae were to be replaced, instead of using plastic prostheses, the surgeon chooses the vertebrae 3D perfectly adapted to the morphology of the patient.

Australia: 3D printing saves the life of a patient

An Australian sixty year was diagnosed with cancer of the cervical spine. Two of her vertebrae are affected and if nothing is done the patient will become quadriplegic then die. Rather than opting for the break of 2 implants made of bone that might leave scars at the motor, the neurosurgeon Ralph Mobbs decided to turn to 3D printing.

With the help of laboratory Anatomics and after multiple radios and analysis of the morphology of the patient’s spine, titanium implants party were modeled and then printed in 3D. Before operating the patient, the surgeon had to train a computer to achieve reproduce precise and perfect movements. This type of operation on the cervical vertebrae is particularly delicate.

An operation that lasted 15 hours

Once fully trained surgeon, he was able to perform this difficult operation that lasted 15 hours. These vertebrae are difficult to access, the surgeon had to go through the mouth to replace those damaged vertebrae 3D printed and remove the tumor. The head has been separated from the neck and then attached.

Today the patient is well, he began to turn his head and he should regain full flexibility in the neck with 3D implants designed to the millimeter.

“The Holy Grail of medicine is making at the request of bones, joints and organs to restore the functions and save lives”, said Ralph Mobbs told the BBC. In his 3D printing is a future technology for medicine.

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