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Cup of Coffee in morning helps in Reduction of Pain


There are various studies conducted on the factors that reduce the pain caused by late sitting hours at workplaces in front of computers. Recent study indicates that a cup of coffee if taken with the breakfast can help in reduction of the pain caused by the changing work patterns. This was the study conducted at university of Oslo and explained the miracles of caffeine as receptor stimulating factor which not only blocks pain but reduce office related aches in the body of human beings. This was originally an experimental study directed at the group of volunteers who were directed to do intensive computer based work for the period of 90 minutes. They were not given any break therefore few of the subjects suffered with pains in shoulders, neck, wrists and arms.

Another group was told to take coffee with their breakfast and work for the same number of minutes without any break. The task was originally related with correcting the mistakes in documents by utilizing mouse for one and the half hour. The subjects were not allowed to take any break during this time period so that the level of their pain could be accessed.

Both the groups comprising of coffee takers and not takers felt pain in several body parts. Most of them were suffering shoulder pains, neck, and wrist pain however the level of reported inconvenience and discomfort was far lower among the coffee takers as compared to the non-takers. The results of this study were published in BMC research notes and reveal the importance of intake of coffee with breakfast. The working patterns in the current environment are more oriented towards long sitting hours and hence people at the workplace suffer with pains in shoulders and other parts of body. If a cup of coffee is taken in the morning, then the level of this pain could be reduced at significant level because caffeine has several characteristics. It is used for blocking the pain and hence it helps in activation of receptors. The experiment showed that a group of subjects who were abstained from intake of coffee were more prone to physical pains as compared to the others.

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