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Cycling is good for your health


One hour of cycling per week could significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, according to two studies published by Scandinavian researchers.

Pedaling for fun or going to work is always good for your health. It has long been known that saddling regularly decreases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Two studies published Monday in the journal Circulation and the Journal of the American Heart Association , suggest that a weekly cycle of time sufficient to substantially reduce the risk of heart attack .

At least one hour per week

The first study was conducted among 45,000 Danish adults by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark over a period of more than twenty years. As a result, people who pedaled regularly saw their risk of having a heart attack decreased by 11 to 18%. The researchers estimate that of the 2,892 heart attacks that occurred during the twenty years of study, 7% could have been avoided if people had ridden their bikes earlier. Furthermore, the authors state that pedaling at least one hour a week would be enough to significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease .
“Many people think that being physically active means doing regular structured exercises,” the lead author of the study, Anders Grontved, told Reuters. “This can be an enormous hindrance to a healthy life. Our study shows that taking your bike for fun or going to work is good for the heart. ”
The second study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association , followed for ten years 20,000 Swedes aged 43 years on average at the beginning of the test period. At the end of the latter, people who went to work by bicycle were less affected by sedentary illnesses. Their risk of suffering from obesity , with hypertension and diabetes were reduced by 39, 11 and 18% compared to those using means of transport requiring no or little effort.

Not too late to pedal

The authors of both studies want to remember that it is never too late to get started. “People who used non-effortless means of transportation but started cycling saw their risk of developing these diseases dramatically decrease,” Paul Franks, lead author of the study Carried out in Sweden. The risk of developing cardiovascular disease decreased by 25%.

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