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Depressed people may age faster

Depressed people may age faster

According to a new research in Netherlands, it is discovered that the people who have or had depression are aging faster than the people who do not have or experienced the depression. In the study, scientists found out the length of the cell structures known as the telomeres of 1900 people who have depression in their lives and about 500 those who are depression free. What they actually found out that the telomeres were quite short of those people who had experienced depression as compared to those who have not! And these telomeres are actually the index of a cell’s aging.

Apart from all these factors, when a person is having depression then obviously he/she starts drinking, smoking, etc. which also plays a strong role in aging. That is very common that If a person is not living the life up to its best level then obviously he will get more and more depressed and feels that he has nothing to do which directly affects his mind. Verhoeven said a very beautiful line about this which actually means that a person who has depression may explain variety of health issues in more detail.

When a person becomes a victim of depression, then all other diseases becomes more close to the person as his resistance gets weak and he is unable to fight with the odds at that time. So all those who have depression also have many other diseases which also becomes the factor of aging. Some of the very common diseases which become the part of the life with depression are diabetes, dementia and cancer. These are some of the diseases which also make the aging faster. A person usually lives for 18-65 years of age while having depression in his life so that is how the life get shortens. These telomeres are actually more disturbed due to the tension or stress in the body or mind and it makes them really hard to work properly as well. so it is better to keep yourself out of this tension and try to make your diet healthy and make a habit of doing exercise as well.

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