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How to eat healthy? The 4 rules to follow


There is no need to comply with any regulation or a Draconian regime for healthy eating everyday. Simply incorporate some simple principles and common sense. Follow the guide.

Eating everything

It is important not ban any food, the risk of cause deficiencies and does not meet the needs of our body. Whether the meal is taken at work or at home, it must contain food from each family (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals) to ensure balance. To do this, simply add a portion of starches, vegetables, meat or fish to the plate and finish with a small portion of cheese and a fruit. If industrial sweet products are not essential to our body, on the contrary, do not deprive yourself of a small part of pie from time to time. A square of dark chocolate with coffee is good for the body and spirit. It is with the restrictions that appear the frustrations and the food impulses.

Vary the pleasures

For your health, but also for your visual and gustatory pleasure, do not hesitate to vary your menus as possible. On the protein side, alternate meat, fish and eggs. Do not forget the fatty fish and make sure not to eat more than 4 eggs per week. Change pasta and rice by experimenting with quinoa or wheat germ. Emphasize whole foods more satiating, take longer to digest and interesting nutritionally. Enjoy the seasonal products that will bring the diversity necessary for your balance.

Listening and monitoring quantities

All dieticians and nutritionists will assure you: the secret to a balanced diet is to eat everything, in moderation. Slow sugars, even if they are essential to our body, should not be consumed in excessive quantities. Like lipids. Do not remove them from the diet, but with a spoon of oil and a spoon of butter a day, you have the amount that your body needs. Finally, take time to listen to your body during meals. Eat slowly to improve digestion. In addition, it makes you feel fuller faster to avoid using again.

Avoid commercial products as much as possible

And for simple reasons. They are often too sweet or too salty and are poor in nutritional intakes. If the dish prepared in the supermarket is very tempting for lunches in the office, always prefer the leftovers from the day before or preparation at home to lunch like a salad healthy satiating but if you have time.


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