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How to find good nights without drugs


Cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy has proved effective against insomnia. Everyone can learn how to use it to regain restful sleep.

Chronic insomnia is often linked to inappropriate behaviors that have been adopted on the occasion of temporary difficulties and then sustained by the fear of not sleeping, “explains Michèle Freud, psychotherapist and sophrologist. While these principles are commonly applied in licensed sleep centers, cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT) has the advantage of being a brief therapy, which can be performed by a psychotherapist or a physician, but Also apply alone at home.
The insomniac again becomes a child at the time of going to bed. It is no longer the fear of the black that troubled him but the prospect of spending hours to seek sleep, the anticipation of nocturnal awakenings and the certainty that he will be tired at the hour of getting up. These obsessive ideas create a nervous tension that is not compatible with falling asleep. In order to counteract them, let us remain a child by creating a fairly strict sleeping ritual: going to the bathroom, reading or soft music, exercising relaxation or sophrology eventually, then extinguishing the light at the first moth Eyelids … The automatic sequence of steps must avoid thinking about sleep.

Pulling your mind toward other thoughts

Relaxation produces a deep muscle relaxation and a mental appeasement conducive to the cerebral emission of the waves that trigger the falling asleep. Sophrology, which removes stress and tension from breathing exercises and visualization, makes it possible to achieve the release necessary for the induction of sleep. But do not forget that the muscle relaxation necessary for sleep is incompatible with an uncomfortable bedding, too hard especially, which causes reflex contractions in the back or neck.
The brain that asks for rest sends signals not to be neglected: yawns, heavy eyelids, impression of “sting of the nose” … Then to force oneself to read a little more, to see the end of a film is to risk To miss a first window of entry into the sleep. As for the temperature of the chamber, it should ideally be around 18 ° C to allow the body to gradually refresh and to link the phases of sleep (the body temperature reaches its lowest level, around 36, 2 ° C, around 4 o’clock in the morning).
The extinction of fires must not be accompanied by an injunction in petto such as “now I have to sleep”, because insomniac anxiety is by definition self-fulfilling: we awake … because we were Sure we were going to wake up!
To stop this mechanism, it must be distracted from it in the proper sense of the word, drawing its mind towards other thoughts. This involves evoking a pleasant moment past, future, or imaginary: fantasy lovers, extraordinary travel, future holidays … Contemplate this dream chosen in all its aspects, romantic, sensory, without concern for credibility or realism. It is a matter of regaining that capacity of “awakened dream” that we have known as a child. This floating thought that one can guide with lightness according to one’s desires is close to a form of self-hypnosis. The mind then slips to sleep without noticing it. To note, the directed dream is also an effective technique to go back to sleep in case of nocturnal awakenings.

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