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Hypothyroidism Disorder Support and Overcome

Thyroid gland plays vital role in various body functions and behaviors.

Thyroid gland plays vital role in various body functions and behaviors. The gland produces hormones and in case of any disorder in their release, the person suffers various ailments and disorders. Hypothyroidism is one of the fatal problems that are caused by lack of thyroid hormone production. This is an acute disorder in which the body suffers from a slow rate of metabolism.

This is because the main function of thyroid hormone is to regulate and control the metabolism activity in the body. This disorder may be caused by some thyroid gland disease or any other ailment that is connected indirectly with thyroid gland resulting in the inadequate production of thyroid hormone and causing Hypothyroidism. This problem needs immediate treatment. In case the patients do not take proper medical consultation, it may get worsen. Hypothyroidism causes tiredness and weakness.

The disorder in metabolism process in body is vital for good health. In case of negligence it may cause heart disease and even lead to a stroke. For women, Hypothyroidism is a matter of great concern. It is very harmful for them and cause problems in conception. To ensure safe delivery of the baby it should be treated at first priority.

Normally Hypothyroidism is not found in younger people. It normally occurs in old age specially women above 60 are more likely to become the victim of this disorder. If family has a history of this problem, then there are chances of the other members getting Hypothyroidism.

There are several causes of Hypothyroidism. If a person has gone through radiation therapy or has a surgical removal of thyroid gland then that may become the reasons for catching this ailment. The other reasons may be the damage of thyroid tissues by the body’s own immune system.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

The following signs may lead to Hypothyroidism. These are the common symptoms that are found in patients suffering from this thyroid gland disorder.

  1. The body feels exhausted and weak.
  2. Dry skins and brittle nails.
  3. The person suffering from Hypothyroidism cannot bear cold.
  4. Other major symptom is constipation; you should have a check up at your earliest.
  5. Weak memory, the person find himself forgetting or not remembering things early.
  6. Menstrual irregularities.

Immediate consultation with your physician is highly advisable if you find any of the above symptoms. Mostly people ignore it considering a problem generally caused in growing age. On check up the doctor may ask you for a blood-test. The amount of thyroid hormone present in blood determines your case. If it is found below normal then immediate treatment is required.

The doctor may prescribe you medicines and pills in for better production of the hormone that is lacking its normal levels. You will be required to take medicines regularly and pay frequent visits to your physician at prescribed intervals or in case you found some irregularities even after taking the pill, reach your doctor without wasting anytime. Hypothyroidism requires special care with proper medication and regular checkups.

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