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Lack of Sleep Promotes Bad Cholesterol


Lack of sleep promotes bad cholesterol and decrease the levels of good, according to results of a study published in the medical journal Scientific Reports.

Researchers from the University of Helsinki (Finland) analyzed three sets of medical data. Those of a study conducted with 21 participants in the sleep laboratory, who underwent a restricted sleep, those of a Dilgom study with 518 individuals on the risk of metabolic syndrome factors and those of a study conducted on 3rd 2221 participants aged 30 to 45 years on the heart health risk factors.

The findings of this study have shown that lack of sleep has a negative effect on cholesterol metabolism.

Indeed, genes involved in cholesterol transport regulation are less active in people suffering from sleep loss.

The scientists also found that people sleep deprived also have lower levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

Quality sleep, healthy asset

Lack of sleep has been implicated by previous scientific studies in the uncontrollable urge to eat fat and in large quantities. It would also be a risk factor for diabetes among boys. Worse, it would promote metabolic disorders, heart problems, and increase the risk of developing chronic diseases

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