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Undoubtedly, the chocolate is divinely delicious. A number of chocolates lovers can be found in the world.

Undoubtedly, the chocolate is divinely delicious. A number of chocolates lovers can be found in the world. But many people do not take it instead of their desire to eat, and its reason is that a number of fats, which have presented in the chocolates. In London, news has appeared for the chocoholics, a chocolate bar has been created by the scientists over there in London. This chocolate bar does not make the people add on pounds as the fat in it has been replaced by fruit juice. Different researchers have replaced almost half amount of chocolate fat by fruit juice. It is really very a good news for chocolate lovers, because this bar is similar to chocolates. Many chocolate bars contain high fat, but the chocolate lovers love to eat them.  No doubt that it’s the fat that offers chocolate with all the pleasing and tasteful sensations that most of the people are desire.

The chocolate bar has a soft and silky surface. When it melts in the mouth, it gives a sweet taste to the person, but still has a ‘snap’ to it when you break it with your hand. This chocolate bar contains much low fat just like fruit juice. It is a healthier chocolate as well as tasty. There is a whole chemistry behind this new technique of low fat chocolate. The scientists are looking for the steps taken by the food industry that they will take the same method to make tasty, and having less fat chocolate bars on a huge level.

The researchers have used a unique method in the making of these chocolate bars. They removed most of the cocoa and mil fats from the chocolate bars. The small drops of juice measure amounting less than thirty microns in dia have substituted in the chocolate bars. A Pickering emulsion has been used in the chocolate bar to make it of lower fat.  The term Pickering emulsion could not understand by many people. The experts have used Pickering emulsion to infuse the cranberry and orange mix in milk and dark white bar chocolate.

This is one of the best techniques to contain less fat in chocolates, used by the scientists. Many people have liked and appreciated it. Most of the people were very happy to see chocolate fats equal to juice. Researchers are trying to make this method more feasible for the users, so that the chocolate lovers cannot feel fear about fats by eating the chocolates.

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