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Massage For Your Baby

Massage For Your Baby
Massage For Your Baby
It is advisable for a mother to massage her child, as it brings both of them closer to each other.

Are you thinking about baby massage? It is really a great an amazing and comfortable for your baby. Few things are very important in this regard. The massage is considered a great stuff for baby’s skin as it keeps it moist. Parents have to decide about oil massage and bathing when their baby is couple of months old.

It is advisable for a mother to massage her child, as it brings both of them closer to each other. Some people also hire masseur for to massage their babies usually in Asian countries like India. The soothing and comfortable feeling that a mom can provide her child with a massage is adorable.

The question arises about choosing proper massage oil. Usually nannies suggest olive oil and sesame oil as pure with grandeur. There are massage oil brands available in the market as well. The most important thing for a mother before massaging her child is to apply the oil to her hands and checks whether it is suitable with the baby’s skin or not. Just to tell the most famous providers and brands of baby massage are Pigeon, Chicco and of course, the famous baby’s brand that is Johnson & Johnson, a household name famous for baby products.

Here are some tips before your baby’s massage.

  1. Check the compatibility of massage oil, if its fit for your baby skin or not. You can check by applying a little quantity of it to your hands.
  2. Don’t apply the oil that results in rashes when applied to baby’s skin. Usually the preferred and well-known brands get fine with your baby skin.
  3. Do not exert pressure on your baby’s skin when applying the oil. It is advised to start from stomach with soothingly gentle strokes for ultimate comfort.
  4. Do not apply it when your baby starts crying or develops some allergy with it, the basic idea of massaging is comfort of your baby.
  5. Apply it before your baby feels asleep and give him a bath after he or she wakes up. This you can achieve when you know the waking and sleeping schedule of your baby.

That is all for the coolest baby massage.

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