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Multitasking as restricted by Brain


Brain is one of the most important parts of our body which maintains balance of activities in the human body. However sometimes it restricts the people from multi-tasking. The researchers who were engaged in identifying the functions of nerve cells indicate that in posterior medial cortex also known as PMC of the brain, there is a group of nerve cells which are activated when someone tries to recall something. These cells are suppressed when the same person is trying to solve any problem. Hence it can be said that brain has effective mechanisms which prevent the engagement of nerve cells at the same time.

PMC is located in the region where the two divisions of the brain, also known as hemispheres meet with one another. Therefore, the neuroscientists suggest that this part of the brain has central role in maintaining balance in the life of people. Brain is effectively connected with the other parts which are highly cognitive in nature. Reaching the innermost part of the brain is extremely difficult and scientists usually use electrophysiological methods for accessing but, but still they are unable to come up with the reliable solutions.

There are several groups or in other words, clusters of nerves in PMC which activates on the recalling state of individual. They are very strongly active when a person is performing memory related task and are very strongly suppressed when a person is busy in mathematical calculations. This study was conducted by Parvizi and his other colleagues of Stanford University. According to the researchers, they have gained insight about the brain mechanisms by using magnetic resonance images and it revealed the level of blood flown in several regions of the brain. Nerve firing however could not be analyzed in details because of the low-quality images formed by magnetic resonance techniques. In order to conduct this study, highly sensitive introspection and external cognitive tasks were utilized by the researchers which revealed the significant results regarding brain circuits. Changes in the flow of blood indicate the activation and suppression of nerve cells under consideration and reveals restrictions of brain during multitasking.

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