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Mystery behind depression – Solved by Experiment on Rats


Most of the studies are conducted on rats in order to examine their behavior and after the successful experiment these studies are extended towards other living organisms. Similarly, team of scientists in Israel has conducted experiments on rats in order to identify how they manage stress situations. The basic purpose behind this study was to understand the reasons behind depression in humans which in turn generates suicidal tendencies. Results reveal that the people who are subjected to stress in early periods of their life are more prone to depression as compared to the others. Those people when grow up and exposed to stress then suicidal tendencies are developed in them.

Leading researchers indicate different response was identified from the group of rats. One of the groups was vulnerable to stress in the initial periods of life while the other was raised in the normal situations. Genetic predisposition to stress is one of the contributing factors for developing the abnormalities in the later stages of life. These are explained by behavioral and hormonal abnormalities which are also identified in the human beings. “Depression gene” which is the basic reason behind the stress, depression and suicidal behavior of humans is the result of stress situations given to the subjects.

The team which was involved in the research was lead by Professor Gil Zalsman who is Chief of Psychiatry Department and deputy director at Geha Medical and Health Institute. In addition to this, he is a professor at Tel Aviv University. The results represent the similarities identified in the mice and human attitude and reveal that initial stages are most important in the development of individual. If a person is raised in stressful conditions, then there are more chances of activating depression gene. The individual when grow up might behave in an abnormal way and develop the tendencies towards suicide. The mice which were originally raised in stress conditions also support this evidence and indicated that they show abnormal behavior either because of hormonal changes or the activation of depression levels. Hence the experiment can be generalized to the human situations because of the similarities.

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