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How to make money with content marketing



Are you looking for an effective way to generate income online ? So pay close attention to this post in which we will teach you: How to make money with content marketing.

The million dollar question that comes to us every day at our mailbox is: “Can I make money from content marketing?”

Then we say “yes,” the next inevitable question is, “and how?”.

What is content marketing?

One of the most common mistakes both entrepreneurs and consolidated companies make is to start investing in content marketing without having a clear idea of ​​”what is that.”

Let’s remedy it:

Content marketing is a technique, a strategy of attracting and retaining customers by offering them a series of textual, visual, audio-visual, etc. contents that interest them for our brand, our products or our services.

The typical phrase that many authors use to “sell” this type of marketing is called “content is the King“. Surely you’ve read it, written it or heard it a thousand times, have not you?

Call it “King”, “protagonist” or whatever, but what is clear is that this marketing trend that settled in our lives several years ago has all the ballots to continue its reign.

The supports of content marketing

As you can imagine, the contents that can be so interesting to our future clients as to “stay” with our name are as varied as the types of customers in the world.

Some consumers may be interested in knowing more about fishing, others on football, fashion or technology, others are passionate about videos of cats, those who love them will love the contents about celebrities and urban trends …

Fortunately, the range of media that we can use to serve those interesting contents on a tray is much smaller.

In general, the current supports preferred by creators and content marketing broadcasters would be:

  • Articles on blogs , digital magazines, etc.
  • Reports technical or White Papers.
  • Newsletters and digital newsletters.
  • E-books, paper books and audio books .
  • Comics .
  • Infographics .
  • Videos .

There are more, but these are the most common and, moreover, with the most money you can win.

Make money with content marketing

How to make money with content marketing?

We get to the heart of the article, the key question that has caught your attention and We have allowed you to tell: how you, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, you can earn money with content marketing .

Well, if you take a look at the previous section, you will see that to elaborate these interesting contents you need several key professionals like, for example:

  1. Experts on the contents to be treated.
  2. Copywriters with SEO knowledge and mastery of the basic tools of editing and publishing of web contents.
  3. Photographers , illustrators and artists.
  4. Screenwriters.
  5. Professional translators.
  6. Audio-visual producers.
  7. Publishers and producers of audiovisual material.
  8. Computer programmers.
  9. Marketing and advertising executives who coordinate the work team. 

Make money with content marketing

Depending on the support where we place our interesting content, it will require the participation of more or less professionals .

For example, to write and layout articles for a blog, with a good editor who knows WordPress, an SEO optimizer and little else we could play a good role.

The issue is complicated as we complicate the project , I explain.

If those same articles are written for a bilingual blog – Spanish / English, for example – we will see that the list of professionals needed to do good marketing of content would have to add a good translator or translation agency to translate the texts Visible.

And, also, to translate the invisible texts or SEO content, a fundamental part without which the marketing of contents does not work neither good nor bad.

Another example : imagine that our star content to attract, love and retain new customers will be launched to the market in the form of an e-book.

In this case, the list of professionals involved in the project and who will make money with content marketing will be quite long since it will be necessary to create a work team consisting of:

  • Experts in the theme that the e-book will deal with – fashion, sport, gastronomy, health, beauty, food … -. From this point of view, any professional who specializes in a particular subject can be the “expert” who earns money from content marketing, from a high level athlete to a doctor, lawyer, nutritionist, translator, linguist, etc. .
  • Qualified editors and, if possible, graduates in journalism, advertising, digital writing, etc., who have theoretical and practical knowledge on documentation and research and, of course, on spelling, grammar, etc.
  • Designers and layout designers. Professionals with experience in this type of digital publications that optimize the electronic book taking into account both the content that is treated as the target audience to which the content marketing is directed.
  • A project coordinator or an expert content marketing agency. This coordination figure is vital for any content marketing project as it will address several key success points of the investment: market research to detect trends and needs, customer knowledge and, of course, the needs Real client company that is investing their good money in content marketing in exchange for receiving a return on investment more or less fair and a term that does not elongate in infinity.

Make money with content marketing 

That is and summarizing …

In other words, if you have a professional profile that a content marketing project coordinator can use … Perfect.

You have taken the first step to making money with content marketing .

And remember: you are an editor, translator, scriptwriter or illustrator, the most important thing is that you continue to specialize until you become the best professional in the market.

Thus, your marketing revenue content will grow like foam.

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