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Edge of Tomorrow Review

Edge of Tomorrow Review

The latest trend that has managed to take over the movie world these days is making novel based movies. The reason is simple that most of the novels have their own set of loyal fans which means that they are definitely going to watch the movie that is based on their favorite novel so it is a safe bet for the producers. ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is the film that belongs to the same category as it has been based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Directed by Doug Ligman starring Tom Cruise and Emily Brunt in the lead roles, this movie is certainly backed by strong cats.

Science fiction films seem to be taking over the market and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is no different. The story revolves around a guy William Bill Cage who is a colonel in the army and Rita Vrataski an agent of Special Forces. They unite to fight off the aliens who have invaded the earth and seem unstoppable as all the armies fail to protect their land and seem helpless in front of these creatures. How they manage to do the task while being stuck in a time loop that gives them ample time to train themselves effectively forms the crux of the movie.

If you are tired of watching movies with strange creatures taking over earth and people fighting for their lives you can give this movie a miss. But if you want to have a look at the amazing effects not to mention some wonderful acting skills this is the movie to watch. Tom Cruise is as brilliant as ever playing the role of a man who is determined to finish off the race while dying numerous times in the process because of being stuck in a time loop. Emily Brunt also plays the role of the special force effectively. The cast is convincing and the direction is sound.

While the story does not have anything new to offer with the ending seeming predictable and clear it does have the added advantage of having a great cast and some good effects.

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