Amazon now has 3 CEO


The giant US e-commerce has announced that it has appointed 2 new CEO who will join as CEO Jeff Bezos. A promotion that is more recognition

Amazon no longer has a single CEO, the group now has 3. Indeed, Andy Jassy and Jeff Wilke, respectively guiding activities Cloud Computing and Retail were appointed CEO alongside Jeff Bezos. However, this title is rather an honorary title for the recognition of their work in their respective branch.

Amazon CEO appoints two alongside Jeff Bezos

It is far time when Amazon was only an online sales platform, the giant has since diversified its activities, activities that growth would be even faster for Amazon Web Services Sector, stated Mr. Bezos. In recognition of their efforts, leaders of Cloud Computing and Retail sectors are given the title of CEO.

“This is not a reorganization, but a recognition of the role that [Jeff and Andy] play a long time”, stated Jeff Bezos. Andy Jassy is leading Cloud Computing Business for 10 years. At the time the area offered only data storage, analytics today, the databases, the Internet of Things or SaaS are part of its core business.

A turnover that could reach $ 10 billion

The Cloud Computing Amazon division achieved a turnover of $ 8 billion in 2015, an incredible 70% growth compared to the previous year, representing 7.3% of total turnover of Amazon this period. By the end of 2016, turnover could reach $ 10 billion.

Amazon Web Services, the main player in the cloud computing division boasts such clients that Adobe , General Electric, Philips, Airbnb , Pinterest and McDonald’s. This activity had 31% market share in the fourth quarter 2015, before Microsoft with less than 10%. Google and IBM came in 3 rd and 4 th position.

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