Cyber-security: what else tremble in 2016


Multiplication of ransom demands, development of attacks via email, diversion of connected objects … 2016 should not be unemployed cyber-crime experts who fear becoming an attack triggered remotely.

Ask the office of the European Circle of Security and Information Systems, which brings together industry professionals what is the greatest threat hanging over our heads, and the answer is unanimous: “The cyber-sabotage and cyber-terrorism. The computer system of a heavy attack that will have environmental or human impacts: water pollution, blow up a factory, derailing a train … “.

Hackers – States, or militants- mafia groups use methods more sophisticated to “break” the computer systems of their targets. Following the example of the German blast furnace out of service one year ago, we may well consider a cyber attack against vital equipment.

The US publisher is considering a resounding Varonis variant, a cyber attack against the US presidential campaign. “It will result in a significant data breach will expose the identity of donors, their credit card numbers and confidential political affinities,” he predicts. What a joyous cause disorder.

To reach their target, hackers particularly appreciate the technique of “Trojan horse” which is to penetrate a “malware” (malicious software) on employee devices, where it can progress to the CPUs.

And to do that, a popular method is the “spear phishing,” sending emails more personalized, to bring the recipient to open a corrupted link, or an infected attachment.

This method is also used to blackmail people, entrepreneurs or individuals, having stolen and / or encrypt data –Of the accounts of a company vacances– pictures that are made and / or decrypted as against ransom.

The same method can also allow a company to spy on a competitor. “Next year, or in the next two years, I think there will be real issues that will come out on the subject,” said Robert Jérôme, marketing director of the French consulting company Lexsi.

Smartphones little protection

“There are many companies that have used private detectives, there is no reason they do not do so in the cyber-world,” he notes.

Another concern of specialists: the sliding of the digital life to smartphones that sometimes sin of lack of protection.

“There is now virtually no smartphones as there are computers, smartphones that are on virtually round the clock, following us everywhere,” notes Thierry Karsenti at the Israeli Check Point Antivirus editor.

“But they ultimately much more connectivity than traditional computer equipment. They even have ears since there is a microphone, they even have a camera, and they store a lot of information both professional and personal . This is much trickier to get his hack smartphone is hacked his computer! ”

“Paradoxically, if you look at security, you have much more security on a computer,” says Karsenti. “As smartphones and tablets have absolutely nothing in terms of security.”

And the development of payment by smartphone should entice hackers, usually motivated by money.

Even concern for connected objects whose number is expected to explode in the coming years.

These are, according to Lam Son Nguyen, internet security expert at Intel Security, “often designed without considering the security aspects.” “They will be likely to be attacked by malicious people developing solutions,” he warns.

So far we mostly saw hackers to capture user data stored on remote servers manufacturers –in the “cloud” – and not the objects themselves hijacked remotely.

“For objects for consumers, there should be more attacks that will test gallops, games for fun. I do not see big cyber-criminal activity connected objects” because there will probably no money to draw immediately, Judge Robert Jerome in Lexsi.

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Paul Morris

Paul Morris is an entrepreneur, consultant and author. He is an advisor at Xpert Automation, a tech-based business incubator focused on scalable startups, and founder of ContentFy.


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