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“Electronic skin” nursing patch that measure your vital signs

Electronic skin-nursing-patch-that-measure-your-vital-signs

Thanks to Japanese researchers, you can soon check your vital signs directly on your body with an ultra-thin patch to stick on your skin.

The sector of connected health is fully extended to the point where the giants of Silicon Valley are interested more and more. Google for example is very active and regularly reveals the thoughts of his lab Google X, can think in these n anoparticules that would diagnose certain cancers earlier and thus treat them faster.

This time, they are Tokyo University researchers who create the sensation with an electronic patch stick to the skin to measure very precisely the vital signs of their wearer.

A patch like a second skin

The results of the work of these Japanese scientists have been published in the journal Science Advances . This system of a new kind takes the form of an ultra-thin patch (3 microns thick) and is described as “a second electronic skin.”

The inventors of this “e-skin”, who worked under the orders of Takao Someya and Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota of Tokyo University School of Engineering, explained that their device is both composed of inorganic materials and biocompatible polymers that can be “grafted” very easily on the skin and do not block the passage of air and therefore, limit the risk of irritation.

Vital signs on the skin

Where technical prowess is remarkable is that the researchers were able to install sensors to measure in real time some constants such as heart rate or oxygen saturation in the blood. The results are displayed directly on the patch with a polymer diode also very fine.

Ultimately, this type of device could replace or bracelets connected smartwatch as the Apple Watch but also to develop other applications outside the field of health. “A worker can display directly on the skin or construction plans electrical diagrams without having to carry other devices, “explains Takato Someya who co-directs the research

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