Facebook is testing a major redesign of the news feed


The information was confirmed by an employee of Facebook.

If you thought that the arrival of the Live video on the platform , one of the chatbot on Messenger , and the reactions to the button I like are the most important transformations of Facebook, it is possible that you were wrong.

Indeed, to believe in screenshots trip on the web, Facebook is also testing a redesign of the News Feed. Rather, he wants to add other thematic news son, in addition to that we already have the habit of using and combining the status of friends, those brands, video and media articles.

An employee of Facebook confirmed that it is indeed a test. Quoted by Mashable, he explains that social network users said they want an option to view more content on specific topics to justify it.

Over usual news therefore add a tab for example dedicated to sports news or another tab dedicated to the culinary arts. Tom Crichlow is part of the testers of the new tabs (on Android) and according to him, it is possible via the settings to hide tabs that do not wish to use.

The idea, apparently, is not really to remove items from the news feed media but allow users to see more in thematic tabs. This could help Facebook to better compete with services like Google News, Twitter and even Flipboard. But it is unclear what impact these tabs could have on media audiences. Moreover, as it is only a test, it is quite possible that Facebook abandons the project.

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