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Google Search gets Destination, a tool to plan a vacation on mobile


The Google search engine in its mobile version gains a new feature for travelers, logically called Destination.

According to research statistics from last year, Google believes that mobile searches on regarding travel-related issues rose 50%. This is why the giant decided to incorporate a new service to its search engine on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS to simplify the life of travelers connected: Destination.

A tool to centralize its research


Specifically, to reach destinations you only have to visit the search engine from any browser or the Google app and type in the name of a country, continent or state and add the word “destination” . The engine then provides an interface to both visual and practical thanks to the display of information and filters (dates, prices and interest).

Google Search gets Destination, a tool to plan a vacation on mobile

After selecting a specific place (Rome, randomly), photos, information, remarkable places or tips on how and when to get there (depending on the historical weather and attendance) are displayed on the tab main “Discover”.

The second tab allows as its name suggests explicit plan his trip. Estimated price up to 6 months, means of locomotion or possible accommodations are part of the review alongside other internet users.

Google Search gets Destination, a tool to plan a vacation on mobile

If all probably should not replace immediately a real planning or a travel agency, the tool will likely help people who wish to go on a whim or at least give ideas of places to visit once on the spot.

Finally, note that in the version in English Destination also allows using the keyword “travel” to enjoy all routes loans based on previous travelers habits.

Google Destination video

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