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Hover Camera: the drone selfie public 100% self


Hover is a very simple use of drone dedicated to taking selfies pictures or videos.

Founded by two graduates of the American University of Stanford then installed near the suppliers, the Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics has introduced an innovative drone. Called “Hover Camera”, the product is a camera and a camera that an aircraft. As the name also suggests, it is intended primarily to hover, although it may also move.

The main scenario of the Hover Camera use is: you turn, you move anywhere in space, you let go into space, he immediately flies hover and film you or photography. It’s a bit like a camera up, but levitating.

Fruit of a startup specializing in robotics, the AR.Drone can operate completely autonomously. It loads to do this back-end position sensors, a front camera sensor and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, with whom he analyzed the situation 1..000 times per second, to fly stably recognize faces and bodies, the frame and even follow them.

A mobile application nonetheless allows the radio control and trigger additional features, such as panning 360 degrees, with which it completes a full rotation on itself (but not a revolution around someone).

The device is decidedly mainstream. Ultra-compact and lightweight, ..

Ultra-compact and lightweight, it measures 182 x 132 x 32.5 mm 238 g, it is pliable and transported in a backpack or a bag. Its four rotors in a carbon fiber structure can grip the safely in flight. This is what it provides to be guided by a joystick or application. Finally be noted that the front sensor is 13 million pixels, he filmed in Ultra HD and it comes with a flash.

Hover Camera will be sold at a still unknown date, for a price of about $ 600.

Hover Camera: the drone selfie public 100% self

Hover Camera: the drone selfie public 100% self

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