How can Someone Use Windows XP Securely as It’s No Longer Supported

How can Someone Use Windows XP Securely as It's No Longer Supported

The support for the Window XP is over from the Microsoft that makes it mandatory for the user to work on their security practices to handle the situation as XP will become more insecure over time. About 1.5 billion PCs around the globe with a net market share of 27.7%, still opting XP.

The simplest way to secure the Windows XP machine is to avoid connecting it to the internet. Although it is not a practical approach yet one may install a PC with a copy of Linux and enjoy the browsing.

Safeguarding XP on the Internet:

The easiest possible way to secure your XP is to restrict the number of accounts and user on a PC that also controls what many of the malware programs are capable of. Plus, one may also download and bring into use a safer browser than Internet Explorer.

In case, the installed program is Opera, Firefox or Chrome, then better add HTTPS Everywhere, a browser extension. Here the “S” represents that it implies encoded communications to interact various websites, at any time possible. The major purpose of it is to improve privacy, but it also makes browsing more secure. Lastly, be careful with the sites you visit as all might not be safe.

Keep Your Software Up-To-Date:

In future you may not update Windows XP, and makes it compulsion to keep all other programs updated. The best possible solution to this, run a Secunia’s free checking software for computer security i.e. A Personal Software Inspector (PSI)┬áto keep a check and for all updates. Or precisely speaking, one should have Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, and Oracle’s Java updated else they have vague records.

Another thing to mention here is that Microsoft has also ended its support for Office 2003 thus, its susceptible software. One may try upgrading the progress. In case, one can’t update a program, and then better replace and it can run in a protected sandbox by bringing into use, some other free program i.e. Sandboxie.

Safe Keeping Software:

In case one sticks to Windows XP, one should install anti-malware software. As the Microsoft will keep apprising the Security Essentials, one should be careful either replacing it with a robust that system or enhance extra security by using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Try opting either of options before it’s too late to recover.

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