How video games are transforming the film industry

How video games are transforming the film industry

Nowadays, it has been seen that the movie industry is copying the scenes and structure of the video games for their movies. If we go back in the past, we will see that video games were used to copy the themes of the movies but this has been the opposite case in the present world. This was quite strange actually for everyone because as the Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Play Station 4 comes into the market, they have changed the whole scenario as well as the perception of the people that video games are copied from the film industry.

It is being said that for the launch of the Xbox One, a new video game is going to be introduced by the name of Ryse: Son of Rome, an epic story in which the conquest of Britain has been shown by the Romans. Another film is to be released known as “The Imaginarium”, in which every move, action, and even voices are copied from the video game discussed above. So this is what that is happening in the movie industry these days.

According to Andy Serkis, the trend has been totally changed when movies were copied for the scenes of the video games because of the so much advanced technology in the video games and all the 3D effects have really made it quite different. This difference is actually created by the introduction of the in-computer generated realism, this implies to the emotions and feelings which were not present in the video games of the past. Now, if you see closely into the game, every part of the body is moving and acting differently.

A stuntman of the Hollywood film industry, John Hopkins, states that he copied all the moves of the character in the game in order to move like the Roman. He told that almost 10kg of weight belts were placed over our chests so that the center of gravity can be shifted and your shoulders can have a different movement and this is how that was done with the help of a number of cameras capturing the movements from different angles. This is how video games are being more dominant these days.

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